URGENT ZOA Action Alert: Tell Colombia’s New President Ivan Duque – Rescind Outgoing Pres. Juan Manuel Santos’ Improper, Lame Duck Recognition of a Palestinian Terror State
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August 10, 2018

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and Chairman Mark Levenson released the following URGENT Action Alert- Please take action – write & call & spread the word:

During the final days of outgoing Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos’ administration, Colombia’s outgoing Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin signed a letter recognizing a Palestinian terror state as a “free, independent and sovereign state.”  Colombia’s new President Ivan Duque was sworn in on Tuesday August 7.  Pres. Duque’s government said it would study the implications of Santos’ last minute decision.  Specifically, Colombia’s new Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo stated:  “In view of possible omissions that could arise from the way in which this decision was made by the outgoing president, the government will carefully examine the implications and will act in accordance with international law.”   (“Israel ‘Surprised’ by Reports of Columbia Recognition of Palestinian State,” i24News, Aug. 8, 2018.)

We need you to call and write to the Colombian Embassy and Consulate in the U.S. to urge them to rescind the previous administration’s last minute decision to recognize a terrorist Palestinian state.   Please remind them that:

  1. A Palestinian-Arab State would be an Iranian-proxy terror state, resulting in more war and attacks.  The evidence is clear:  The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to pay terrorists to murder Jews.  They still regularly name schools, streets, sports teams and children’s camps after Jew Killers and other terrorists. PA schools, media, television, mosques, etc. continue to teach Palestinian Arabs to hate and violently attack Jews, and hate Israel and Americans and to annihilate and replace all of Israel.  The PA discriminates against and seizes the property of Christians.  The PA refuses to negotiate with Israel.
  1. Colombian recognition of a Palestinian-Arab state damages good U.S.-Colombian relations and good Israel-Colombian relations.   The Israeli Embassy in Bogota said they were “very surprised” by the last minute recognition; called the move “a slap in the face,” and stated: “We ask the Colombia government to reverse the previous government’s decision in its last days which is contrary to the close relations and cooperation between the countries and interests of both peoples.” 
  1. Recognition of a Palestinian-Arab state endangers Colombia’s 5,000 Jews.  Colombia’s Jews are terrified by the implications of recognition, which will embolden attacks on Colombia’s Jewish community.  Colombia’s Jews are already being subjected to attacks from the BDS (boycott-divestment and sanctions) movement.  The most recent U.S. State Department Human Rights Country Report on Colombia (for 2017), reported   “anti-Israeli rhetoric connected to events in the Middle East, accompanied by anti-Semitic graffiti near synagogues, as well as demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassy that were sometimes accompanied by anti-Semitic comments on social media. In particular, the Colombian Confederation of Jewish Communities expressed concern over the presence of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Colombia, which aggressively promotes the boycott of Israeli products, culture, and travel and does not actively counter the conflation of anti-Israeli policies with anti-Semitic rhetoric.”


Contact information – Please write and call:


Colombian Consulate General in New York 10 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017

Phone:  212 798-9000 

Email:  cnewyork@cancilleria.gov.co

              or Cnuevayork@cancellera.gov.co


Colombian Embassy in Washington DC

1724 Massachusetts Ave NW

Washington, DC 20036 

Phone: 202-387-8338

Email: embassyofcolombia@colombiaemb.org


Please send a copy of your correspondence to ZOA at mklein@zoa.org

This is very important. Please write or call now! Thank you for your pro Israel activism. We dare not be silent! 

SAMPLE LETTER and PHONE STATEMENT (or use your own words):   

To the Colombian Consulate General and Embassy:

I urge Colombia President Ivan Duque to rescind and reverse the harmful, unjust and pro-terror last minute decision of the former president of Colombia recognizing a Palestinian-Arab state.  Colombia should not recognize a Palestinian state.  The implications of recognizing a Palestinian state are dangerous and damaging. A Palestinian state would be an Iranian-proxy terrorist state.  A recognized Palestinian state would be even worse than the current Palestinian Authority government, which pays terrorists to murder Jews and Americans; names schools, streets and sports teams after terrorists; promotes hatred and violence; discriminates against and seizes the property of Christians, and refuses to negotiate with Israel.  Recognition of a Palestinian-Arab state also damages Colombia’s good relations with America and Israel, and endangers Colombia’s Jewish community.

Please rescind this terrible, anti human rights, anti-Semitic decision and do not recognize a Palestinian Arab state which will become another terror state. 

Thank you.  





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