New Haaretz Poll: Only 34% Israelis Support “Two-State Solution,” Meaning a Palestinian State
News Press Release
March 26, 2019

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and Chairman Mark Levenson, Esq., released the following statement: 

A new poll published today by leftwing newspaper Haaretz, under the title “One State, Two States, Whatever,” confirmed that Israelis overwhelming oppose a so-called “two-state solution.” “Two-state solution” is a misnomer for creating a Palestinian-Arab terror state on lands that were historically Jewish and are legally designated for the Jewish homeland. Only one-third (34%) of the persons polled preferred a “two-state solution.” Notably, 25% of the poll’s respondents were non-Jews, most of whom were Arabs. Israeli Jewish citizens (with the exception of far left groups such as Meretz) generally even more strongly favor “solutions” that do not involve creating a Palestinian Arab terror state.   

Moreover, the Haaretz poll found that a majority (60%) of Israelis having an opinion on the subject favor Israeli annexation of Judea/Samaria, either partially or fully (42% favor annexation versus 28% who oppose annexation, while 30% have no opinion). Even among those who prefer a “2-state resolution,” there is a strong desire for Israel to annex Area C in Judea/Samaria. Moreover, these results also included the views of the 25% of poll respondents who were non-Jews, most of whom were Arabs. 

The Haaretz article also noted that only 3 of Israel’s numerous political parties openly support creating a Palestinian-Arab state, and stated that the new Kahol-Lavan party has a “purposefully blurry vision for resolving the conflict.”   

The new Haaretz poll confirms other recent polls that demonstrate overwhelming Israeli opposition to a Palestinian-Arab state.  For instance, the 2017 Maagar Mochot poll showed that an overwhelming 10 to 1 majority of Israelis oppose a Palestinian-Arab State and favor Israel sovereignty over Judea-Samaria. (See New Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition to Palestinian Arab State and Concessions,” ZOA,  Apr. 3, 2017.) 

Israeli opposition to the creation of a Palestinian-Arab state makes eminent sense. Such a state would be an Iranian-Hamas-PFLP-Fatah terrorist state, dedicated to Israel’s complete destruction. As Israeli PM Netanyahu warned years ago, even if such a state agreed to “demilitarization,” it would not remain demilitarized for long.  Such a state would have the power to make alliances with other hostile states and the ability to import sophisticated weaponry for attacking and exterminating Jews. Palestinian-Arab rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ben Gurion Airport and Kfar Sava would become a regular occurrence. In the past year PM Netanyahu has clearly stated that a Palestinian State is not feasible at this time. It would simply be a terrorist state.  

It is ludicrous to even think of creating a Palestinian-Arab state when that would-be state’s predecessor, the Palestinian Authority (PA), continues to pay hundreds of millions of dollars per year in “pay to slay” payments to terrorists to murder Jews. The PA is the only regime in the world that pays people to murder a specific group. 

And this week, continuing the PA’s heinous practice of honoring and glorifying Jew-killers, the Palestinian Authority village of Bruqin named a street after the Palestinian-Arab terrorist who murdered Rabbi Ahiah Ettinger, a beloved father of 12 children, and Sgt. and musician Gal Keidan (“Street to be Named After Ariel Terrorist,” Israel Nat’l News, Mar. 24, 2019). 

ZOA accordingly urges think tanks, Congressional resolutions, Jewish organizations, etc., to take heed of the views of the Israeli public, and to discontinue calling for the creation of a Palestinian-Arab terrorist state. 

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