ZOA Action Alert: Demand Fox News Suspend Juan Williams for Saying “You Can’t Trust the Zionists”

Dear Friends, 

On the Fox TV News show “The Five” yesterday, during a discussion about Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s horrendous Holocaust comments and propaganda lies about the Arabs’ treatment of Jews during and after the Holocaust, Fox News journalist Lisa Marie Boothe stated that the Zionist Organization of America documented Rep. Tlaib’s associations with terrorists and terrorist sympathizers and that ZOA urged serious consequences for Tlaib’s actions. Fox News contributor Juan Williams then outrageously stated: “You can’t trust the Zionists [when they go after] to go after Tlaib”!   

Here is the exchange: 

Lisa Marie Boothe: “It’s also beyond the [Tlaib Holocaust] statement alone, as I mentioned before, you have Democrats on her side of the aisle calling her out for the policies that she supports. The Zionist Organization of America recently called on the Democratic Party to kick her out, kick her out of committees.  They named terrorists and terrorist sympathizers that she associates herself with.  So I think this is much deeper than just this simple [Tlaib Holocaust] comment.” 

Juan Williams:  “You want to put it in a box and say, ‘Oh, everybody is this way or that way. And you are with the Zionists and the Zionists—,” 

Lisa Marie Boothe: “Well do you support the [Boycott, Divestment and Sanction] movement?”  

Juan Williams:  “Are you kidding me? No, I don’t.  But I’m trying to say you cannot trust the Zionists [when they go after] to go after Tlaib.”   

(See Fox News’ Juan Williams: ‘You Can’t Trust The Zionists To Go After Tlaib,’” by Mike Brest, The Daily Caller, May 13, 2019 – includes video.  Also see Rep. Tlaib’s Despicable Holocaust Comments and Other Actions Show Tlaib Must Be Thrown Out of Congress,” ZOA, May 13, 2019, for Tlaib’s comments, and ZOA’s discussion of Tlaib’s associations and record.)

“You can’t trust Zionists” to speak out about those who defame us and seek our destruction?? That’s like saying “You can’t trust the Blacks” if the NAACP speaks out against anti-Black racism or discrimination against African-Americans. Or “You can’t trust the women” if the National Organization of Women speaks out against discrimination against women or sexual assaults. Juan Williams’ comments are antisemitic, Israel-bashing, unjust, and completely uncalled for.

Remember: Fox News (wrongly, in our view) suspended Judge Jeanine, despite the fact that Judge Jeanine later clarified her comments. (See ZOA to Fox News: Don’t Succumb to Hamas-Linked CAIR’s Demands to Fire Beloved Pro-Israel TV Host Judge Jeanine,” Mar. 25, 2019.) In the interest of being fair and balanced, and demonstrating its disapproval of Juan Williams’ outrageous antisemitic, Israel-bashing, unjust comments, Fox News must take action against Juan Williams for his egregious statements.  

ZOA also wishes to thank Lisa Marie Boothe for her courageous reporting.

ZOA demands that: (1) Fox News must suspend Juan Williams for saying that the Zionists cannot be trusted to speak out on an issue of importance to Jews, Israel supporters and Israel. We urge our friends to contact Fox News and “The Five” to demand Williams’ suspension. (2) Juan Williams must sincerely apologize, with a real apology. 


Email: Send an email via this formPhone: 1-888-369-4762 (ext. 3 for comments line)

Tweet at Fox News (to demand Williams’ suspension)Tweet at The Five (to demand Williams’ suspension)

Tweet at Juan Williams (to demand an apology)

Tweet at Lisa Marie Boothe (to thank her)

Please also spread the word, and send copies of your correspondence and any response to us at liz@zoa.org. Also, if anyone obtains additional contact information, please send it to us, and we will add it to this action alert. Thank you!

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