ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Representative to Reject House Bill Calling for a “Palestinian State”
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December 4, 2019

Please Call Your House Members to Urge Them to Vote “No” This Week Against H. Res. 326, a Resolution That Calls for a New Palestinian Arab State, Which Will Be Hamas/Iran Terror State


Please call your U.S. House Members today (or as soon as you can) at 202 224-3121 and urge him/her to reject H.Res. 326, a J Street-inspired House resolution calling for a so-called “two-state” solution, which would establish a new Arab terror state on Israel’s border.

Please also share this with your friends and ask them to call

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this Friday (Friday, December 6th) on resolution H. Res. 326, calling for a new Arab terrorist state on Israel’s border on historically Jewish land.

There is no Palestinian partner for peace, yet some in Congress want to reward the Palestinian Arabs with a state of their own. 

When Israel completely evacuated Gaza, it was seized by the radical terrorist group, Hamas. This resulted in Gaza’s civilian population being held hostage as human shields by Hamas while the Islamic extremist group has launched thousands of missiles and mortar shells at Israeli civilian targets, a war crime.

Hamas places its weapons under schools and medical facilities hoping Israel will attack them.

Hamas has misappropriated billions of dollars in humanitarian aid to Gaza to building weapons and terror attack tunnels into Israel.

What happened in Gaza is likely to be repeated in all of the proposed new Palestinian Arab state. Once established, it will be a new launching pad for the Arab terror war on Israel. 

The other Palestinian Arab faction, Fatah, has the same goal as Hamas, to completely destroy Israel “from the river to the sea.”

The Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority continues to incite the murder and wounding of Israelis and pays rewards to the terrorists and their families that carry out this terrorism.

The Palestinian Authority denies any Jewish historical connection to Israel and teaches it children to hate and murder Jews. It even erases Israel from its maps. They have not lived up to their obligations under the Oslo accords or any of the agreements they have signed.

The Palestinian Arabs have rejected any peace talks with Israel and refuse to discuss peace with the United States. After two inconclusive Israeli elections and the prospects growing for a third, it is completely inappropriate for the U.S. House of Representatives to try to interfere with Israeli policy as Israel tries to form a new government. (For more information, please see this article by ZOA National President President Morton Klein.


CALL 202-224-3121

Your calls are very important! Thank you for taking the time to call your House Member and for all your help and dedication!

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