December 30, 2020
News Press Release

ZOA Welcomes Pollard & Wife Home to Jewish State of Israel

Pollard Called Mort Klein a Dozen Times From Prison - Only Praised ZOA’s Pro-Israel Work and Only Spoke About How to Help Israel - Never About His Own Difficult Situation

The Zionist Organization Of America (ZOA) welcomes and congratulates Jonathan Pollard and his wife Esther on their final and safe arrival in the ancient Jewish homeland of Eretz Yisroel. We thank and praise Dr. Miri and Sheldon Adelson for providing their private plane to make their long journey easier and more comfortable.

ZOA praises President Donald Trump for facilitating this Pollard homecoming. 

ZOA has long called for Pollard’s release due to his unfair lifetime sentence, when noone under Pollard’s circumstances ever was sentenced to more than five years. We’ve had Pollard’s lawyers speak at our ZOA Galas and welcomed Esther, his wife , in addressing the ZOA National Board.

I was deeply regretful when Judges Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Laurence Silberman refused to grant Pollard a new trial. Only Judge Stephen Williams voted to permit a new trial in the three judge deliberations.

ZOA president Morton A. Klein said, “ All of us at ZOA are thrilled that Jonathan and Esther are now home in the Jewish holy land and were greeted so wonderfully and with love by Prime Minister Netanyahu and all Israelis.

I had the privilege of Jonathan calling me a dozen or more times from prison. It was remarkable that all he wanted to talk to me about was ZOA’s pro-Israel work and what more can we do to help Israel. Jonathan never talked about himself or how we can help him. What a devoted and sincere lover of Israel and Torah. A very special Jew.