ZOA Criticizes ADL For Filing Brief Supporting Race-Based College Admissions Harming Jewish and Asian Applicants
News Press Release
November 8, 2021

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Also Wrongly Blamed Trump for Recent Killings at Massage Parlors in Atlanta 

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Director of Special Projects Liz Berney, Esq. released the following:

ADL’s “Never is Now” event has hypocritically been trying to portray ADL as championing combating bigotry against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) – at the same time when ADL has been harming both Asian and Jewish college applicants by working to eliminate merit-based college admissions.

At its “Never is Now” event, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is also promoting ADL’s left wing political agenda by wrongly blaming former President Trump’s use of terms such as “Wuhan flu” for the murderous rampage last spring (during Biden’s term in office) in which a sexual deviant murdered Asians, whites and a Hispanic at massage parlors in Atlanta. To further add to this absurdity, despite the numerous excellent AAPI groups that ADL could have chosen from, ADL’s “Never is Now” event is featuring the head of an AAPI organization that honored Jew-hater Linda Sarsour.

ADL Is Supporting College Admissions Policies That Harm Jews and Asians:

ADL submitted an amicus brief supporting Harvard’s discrimination against Asian admission applicants in the Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard case (1st Cir., May 21, 2020). ADL’s promotion of Harvard’s “race-conscious” admissions policies hurts both Jews and Asians, and destroys the fundamental American ethos that individual merit and hard work should be rewarded.

ADL’s amicus brief also had the audacity to deny that Asian Americans were harmed by Harvard’s race-conscious admissions. 

The amicus brief filed by the Asian American Coalition for Education and The Asian American Legal Foundation explains that Harvard’s and other Ivy League universities’ imposition of higher admissions standards on Asian American children also uses the same repellant stereotypes that led to past discrimination and violence against Asian Americans, and leads to Asian American children suffering from stress, depression and other psychological harm.

ZOA’s friends in the Asian American community tell us that their hardworking children are suffering from the real anti-Asian bigotry caused by universities such as Harvard casting aside merit-based admissions. Our Asian American friends’ children, like our Jewish children, have been denied spots in competitive programs due to discrimination against Jewish and Asian applicants. 

Notably, ADL appears to be the only Jewish group that promoted Harvard’s race-conscious, admissions policy. (See Supreme Court docket.) A Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans believe that college admissions should be solely based on individual merit.

Despite the fact that ADL boasted about filing its brief on ADL’s website, we wonder if the Asian Americans who are participating in ADL’s “Now is Never” event are aware of ADL’s harmful anti-Asian legal efforts.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Falsely Blamed Trump for Atlanta Massacre in March 2021:

During a discussion at the “Never is Now” opening event with actor and producer Daniel Dae Kim, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrongly blamed former President Trump’s use of the descriptive terms “China Virus” and “Wuhan Flu” for “really culminating in the brutal murder of AAPI women last spring.” Trump was not even in office then.

Diseases – e.g., German measles; Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome; Lyme disease (from Lyme, Connecticut); Spanish flu; Zika virus (from Zika, Ghana); Ebola flu (river in Africa); Brazilian variant; the South African variant of COVID – are typically named after the place where the disease is believed to have originated or spread. It is wrong for ADL’s CEO to blame President Trump’s use of “Wuhan flu” for the Atlanta massacre which took place during the Biden administration.

The massacre in Atlanta was likely not an anti-Asian hate crime. The killer of five Asian women, two whites and a Hispanic at Atlanta area massage parlors in March 2021 told the police that his heinous crime was an attempt to eliminate his sexual addiction temptation (not anti-Asian racism). Witnesses reported that the killer shot indiscriminately at everyone in sight. 

ADL’s “Never is Now” Event is Featuring the Head of an AAPI Organization that Honored Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour and Promoted Jew-Hater Kristen Clarke:

There are many wonderful AAPI groups and leaders. But unfortunately, ADL’s “Never is Now” event instead chose to feature the president (John C. Yang) of Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ), which gave Jew-hater/Israel-hater Linda Sarsour its 2017 “Changemaker Award.” (See tweet by DanFined.)

Yang also retweeted a “call to action” to help Jew-hating, Israel-hating racist Kristen Clarke to be confirmed as Biden’s assistant attorney general. Clarke’s long list of horrible statements include saying that the views of an antisemite (who called Jewish NAACP leaders “spies for the rest of the white race,” and called Zionism “a tool of imperialism”) were “based on indisputable fact.” Yet Yang’s retweet falsely called Clarke a “fearless champion for civil and human rights.”

Many non-Asian featured speakers at ADL’s “Never is Now” event also have deeply concerning hostile-to-Israel records (to be discussed in a separate press release).

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