Watch Now: President Mort Klein on Newsmax TV – Biden WH Antisemitic Event a ‘Total Sham’

Zionist Group Leader to Newsmax: Biden WH Antisemitic Event a ‘Total Sham’

By Jay Clemons

(DECEMBER 14, 2022 / NEWSMAX) Mort Klein, the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), offered a blunt assessment of the White House’s recent roundtable discussion on combating antisemitism, calling the event a “total sham.”

He said the roundtable was conducted by Doug Emhoff, the husband to Vice President Kamala Harris, and Susan Rice, who the ZOA group leader claims has a record of supporting antisemitic organizations that teach children “to hate Jews.”

Also, Klein said prominent Jewish groups that disagree with President Joe Biden’s policies on Israel or the Jewish state were not part of the roundtable discussion.

“We were not invited,” Klein told Newsmax Wednesday afternoon, while appearing on “John Bachman Now” with hosts John Bachman and Bianca de la Garza.

Klein said Emhoff has “no responsibility, no authority” to enact policy changes. And with Rice, Klein referred to her as one of “most hostile” people to the Jewish community within the Biden administration.

As such, with Emhoff and Rice directing the roundtable narrative, Klein said “it makes this whole thing a joke.”

Klein’s dissatisfaction with the Biden White House runs deeper than a single roundtable discussion.

He has also spoken out against President Biden nominating Democratic Party donor Elizabeth Frawley Bagley for the ambassador to Brazil post, despite her alleged anti-Jewish remarks from the past.

Bagley’s nomination “was two days” after the Emhoff/Rice roundtable, lamented Klein.

Also, Klein didn’t appreciate Biden’s Dec. 2 tweet needlessly referencing the “Holocaust” and “Hitler,” while shaming others with “silence is complicity” — just to score a few political points on social media.

“Any normal person knows the Holocaust happened,” said Klein, while running down the components of Biden’s tweet. “And everyone knows Hitler was a monster.”

This article was originally published by Newsmax and can be viewed here.

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