ZOA Congratulates and Praises New Netanyahu Government
News Press Release
December 23, 2022

There is Nothing “Extreme” About a Government Dedicated to Protecting Israel’s Rights and Safety

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

The Zionist Organization of America congratulates Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud party and his coalition partners on Netanyahu’s announcement yesterday that he will be able to form a coalition government. In these times, when Israeli citizens are being subjected to seven terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinian Arab terrorists every day, it is vital that Israel have a strong government such as the incoming coalition, which is dedicated to protecting Israel’s rights and safety.

There is nothing “extreme” about proposing to give needed tools to Israel’s brave young IDF soldiers to enable them to protect their fellow Israeli citizens from rampant Palestinian Arab terror. The constant attacks on innocent Jews need to be stopped.

There is similarly nothing “extreme” about proposing to deport convicted Palestinian Arab terrorists. 

The real extremists are the leaders of the Palestinian Authority – who incite and pay Arabs to murder innocent Jews. Yet, those (such as URJ’s Rick Jacobs and the New York Times) who falsely scream about an “extremist” Israeli government say nothing about Mahmoud Abbas’ heinous incitement and “pay to slay” payments.

There is nothing “extreme” about proposing to give Jews and other non-Muslims equal rights to pray on the Jewish people’s holiest site – the Temple Mount. In fact, it is religious discrimination to allow only Muslims to freely pray on the Temple Mount. King Solomon built the Temple as a place where all people can pray! (See ZOA: Facts About the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit) Summary.”)

There is nothing “extreme” about proposing to permit Jews to build homes in the lawful and historical Jewish lands of Judea-Samaria. These are areas guaranteed to the Jewish people under international law. (See ZOA: Israel Has The Legal Right To The Land Of Israel, Including Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria & The Golan, Under Binding International Law.”) Nor is it “extreme” to enforce the law against the massive illegal Arab building on state lands in Area C and the Negev.

There is moreover nothing “extreme” about the Jewish state protecting Torah study in a “Basic Law: Torah study,” or repealing the “one grandfather” rule that allows people who are clearly non-Jews to immigrate to the Jewish state under Israel’s Law of Return.

Ironically, the same left-wing media, groups and leaders who patter about “democracy” and “respecting elections” are refusing to respect the results of Israel’s democratic election.

ZOA praises Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu’s response to the New York Times nasty op-ed condemning the incoming Israeli government. Netanyahu stated: “After burying the Holocaust for years on its back pages and demonizing Israel for decades on its front pages, the New York Times now shamefully calls for undermining Israel’s elected incoming government. While the NYT continues to delegitimize the one true democracy in the Middle East and America’s best ally in the region, I will continue to ignore its ill-founded advice and instead focus on building a stronger and more prosperous country, strengthening ties with America, expanding peace with our neighbors, and securing the future of the one and only Jewish state.”

ZOA is particularly appalled – and the Maccabees would have been appalled too – at Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) leader Rick Jacobs’ twisted threat that he and URJ will “fight” Israel’s incoming government “with the determination of the Maccabees.” The Maccabees fought to restore the holiness of the Temple on the Temple Mount; to prevent Jews from adopting or being forced to adopt Hellenistic practices; and to end foreign rule over Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria so that Jews could live freely in the Jewish homeland. By contrast, Rick Jacobs joined Palestinian Arab demonstrations against the Jewish State; seeks to give away Jewish land to the Palestinian Authority terror regime; and unfortunately stands for much of what the Maccabees fought against.

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