ZOA Demands Biden Administration Cease Funding Murderous Palestinian Regime
News Press Release
January 18, 2023

Monday, more than 90 countries called on Israel to reverse measures instituted against the Palestinian Authority after the PA moved to take Israel to the International Court of Justice. Israel had decided to withhold funds from the PA and use them for the benefit of Israeli terror victims, among other measures. Those funds are typically used by the PA to incentivize terrorists to murder Israelis.

Zionist Organization of America President Morton A. Klein stated, “The terror-supporting thugs that control the Palestinian Authority should be hauled before the International Court of Justice and they would be, if they weren’t targeting the one and only Jewish state. Instead, the United Nations—which is only united in its hatred of Israel and Jews—wants to unjustly persecute Israel for trying to protect its citizens from bloodthirsty murderers.

Klein continued, “It’s an absolute disgrace that the Biden administration has restored hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the PA when that corrupt regime simply uses that money to pay terrorists to maim and murder Israelis in what’s commonly known as their ‘pay to slay’ program. This is a violation of American law, the Taylor Force Act, and should cease immediately. Several American victims of Palestinian terror are suing the Biden administration over it. We wholeheartedly support this action. American taxpayers should never be paying for the murder of innocents.”

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