ZOA Campaign Leads to $400,000 in Grants to Address Israeli Suffering After Hamas Massacre
News Press Release
March 20, 2024

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is pleased to report that after weeks of a zealous campaign, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (“Broadway Cares”) has agreed to make generous grants specifically to address Israeli suffering since the Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023. This non-profit organization – which describes itself as “the philanthropic heart of Broadway” – has historically solicited donations from Broadway theater audiences by telling them that their donations were going to aid people in the U.S. with life-threatening illnesses – not to Gaza. But shortly after the Hamas attack, Broadway Cares announced that it had made two grants totaling $400,000 to organizations that provide aid in Gaza – but not in Israel. When the ZOA learned about these grants, it swung into action, urging Broadway Cares to make equally generous grants to aid Israelis who have endured massive suffering and devastation since Hamas’ terrorist attack.

Broadway Cares listened. It recently committed to making $400,000 in grants to four organizations that provide on-the-ground support in Israel to civilians affected by trauma, assault and mental health emergencies. In addition, Broadway Cares agreed to address another ZOA concern: that Broadway Cares was not being open and transparent in its appeals for donations, by failing to inform theater audiences that their donations might be directed internationally and go beyond helping members of the theater community and others in the U.S. who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and other critical health issues. Broadway Cares recently informed the ZOA that it is providing each Broadway show’s representatives with updated guidance containing key points to be included in their appeals to audiences, so that theater audiences will be better and more accurately informed about where their donations may go.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein commended these results, stating, “We are very glad to see that Broadway Cares made the right and moral decision to support and assist Israelis who were subjected to the barbarism and savagery of Hamas terrorists on October 7 and are still suffering in the aftermath of the massacre. This terrorist group breached Israel’s border and murdered, raped and mutilated over 1,200 Jews and kidnapped hundreds of women, men and children – including babies and the elderly – and took them as hostages to Gaza where they continued to face torture and abuse. Approximately 200,000 Jews have been displaced from their homes and communities in southern Israel as a result of Hamas’ attack from Gaza, and also in northern Israel as a result of the terrorist group Hezbollah’s attacks from Lebanon. Israelis forced to evacuate their homes and communities in southern and northern Israel have been living in hotels, guesthouses, with friends and relatives, and even in tents.

“We are so proud that the ZOA’s strong and persistent advocacy is having have such a positive, significant and concrete impact on addressing the critical needs of the Israeli people who have endured so much suffering since October 7.”

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