ZOA Criticizes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, UN, EU, 40 Congressmembers, and Chris Coons, Who Pressured Israel to Unilaterally, Unconditionally Begin Ceasefire, Benefitting Nazi-Hamas Terrorists
News Press Release
April 7, 2024

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

We are opposed to the Israeli Defense Force withdrawing all its maneuvering ground forces from southern Gaza (the Khan Younis area) today – instead of promptly moving forward with entering and destroying the four battalions of Hamas’ terror army and Hamas’ terror leaders in Rafah in southern Gaza; finishing cleaning out Hamas terrorists from Khan Younis; and rescuing the hostages likely located in Rafah, whom Hamas has tortured, raped, starved and denied access to medicine and humanitarian visits for six months now.

We believe that this unconditional, unilateral withdrawal is a mistake. Israel’s war cabinet (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Opposition Leader and Minister Without Portfolio Benny Gantz) should not be succumbing to the unconscionable, unspeakably evil threats and pressures against Israel made by President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, the United Nations, the EU and several dozen Congresspersons, including former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Especially when the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews strongly support continuing the justified and critical war against Hamas, until complete victory is achieved.

See, e.g., Biden’s Threatening Demands for an Immediate Israeli Ceasefire and More Anti-Israel Policy Changes are Intentionally Pro-Hamas, Pro-Iran: These U.S. Threats are Designed to Intentionally Harm and Weaken the Jewish State or Worse,” ZOA, April 4, 2024; ZOA Condemns Biden/Blinken for Refusing to Veto Pro-Hamas UNSC Resolution Calling for an “Immediate Ceasefire” Today; Mar. 25, 2024; “Kamala Harris: If Israel doesn’t change approach in Gaza, ‘it’s very likely we’re going to’ change our approach,” Times of Israel, Apr. 5, 2024; “Pelosi Joins Call for Biden to Stop Transfer of U.S. Weapons to Israel: letter was signed by Pelosi and 36 other Democrats including Representatives Barbara Lee, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Jerusalem Post/Reuters, Apr. 6, 2024; “Sen. Chris Coons, top Biden ally, calls for conditioning aid to Israel,” NY 1 Spectrum News, Apr. 4, 2024; “ZOA is Horrified by Schumer Treating U.S. Ally Israel Like a Banana Republic Demanding Replacement of Israel’s Democratically Elected Govt.,” Mar. 14, 2024; “ZOA Condemns 8 Jew-Hating Senators (Bernie Sanders & 7 Democrats)’ Libelous, Disgraceful, Pro-Hamas Letter to End Military Assistance to Israel and Biden’s Threats to Do So,” Mar. 14, 2024.)

ZOA reiterates our strong criticism of Biden and the rest of these officials for benefiting the evil dictatorship of Hamas terrorists, instead of with our human-rights-loving, democratic ally Israel.

Today’s Israeli withdrawal, without a hostage release, under pressure from Biden, etc. leaves the remaining hostages subject to Hamas’ torments indefinitely; leaves Israel with no negotiating leverage and very limited military options for obtaining the hostages’ release; and enables Hamas to emerge victorious, and regroup and rebuild towards executing its stated plans to repeat October 7, to savagely murder, torture and kidnap Israelis again and again and again.

The unconditional withdrawal has already caused harm. Hamas already called the Israeli withdrawal a victory for sticking to its outrageous demands. Hamas has thus been encouraged to continue its war crimes against Israel and the hostages and harden its already-extreme positions. And five hours after the IDF withdrew from Khan Younis, the no-ceasefire Hamas launched a barrage of five rockets from Khan Younis targeting towns in southern Israel. Also, the IDF just found in Khan Younis, yesterday, the body of kidnapped 47-year-old Israeli farmer Elad Katzir, who was murdered by Hamas while in captivity in January. How will Israel find live hostages held there now, or the bodies of those murdered?

We must never forget that after Israel withdrew from its brief counteroffensive in Gaza in May 2021 under pressure from Biden, while Hamas pelted Israel with 4,500 rockets in 10 days, this paved the way for Hamas to regroup and perpetrate the October 7 atrocities. Israel cannot afford to make the same mistake again, despite the Biden administration’s and others’ malicious pressures on Israel.

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