ZOA Condemns Biden/Blinken for Siding With Terrorist Hamas/Iran & Endangering Jews in Israel by Halting Arms to Ally Israel
News Press Release
May 5, 2024

Biden May Be the Most Anti-Israel President Ever

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

Biden is siding with evil Hamas/Iran (Axios report citing two unnamed Israeli officials and JNS report that Biden halted arms to Israel last week). This is despicable, and especially horrendous cutting off these vital ammunition supplies that Israel needs to defend her citizens from more October 7ths, more rockets, defeat Hamas’ terror army, and rescue the hostages. Biden/Blinken is becoming the most anti-Israel U.S. administration ever. They are endangering Jews in Israel and inspiring Jew-haters and terrorists.

The failure to defeat Hamas’ stronghold in Rafah guarantees that Hamas will regroup, and that there will be more rockets and more October 7th massacres against innocent Jews in Israel. In fact, on Holocaust Remembrance Day – Hamas launched a barrage of rockets from Rafah at Kerem Shalom – murdering four young Israelis defending Israel and injuring over 10 more Israelis. These deadly Iranian-supplied Hamas rockets from Rafah once again demonstrated that Hamas must be rooted out of Rafah. And the rockets aimed at Kerem Shalom once again demonstrated that Hamas wants Palestinian civilians not to receive aid, as the Hamas barrage forced closure of the humanitarian aid Kerem Shalom crossing.

Immediately after thousands of Hamas terrorists and accompanying Gaza civilian terrorists perpetrated the most horrific atrocities against innocent Jewish babies, women, men, children and elderly civilians on October 7th, Biden correctly declared that Hamas unleashed “pure unadulterated evil” on the world. For Biden to damage Israel’s ability to defeat Hamas now means siding with “pure unadulterated evil.” And Iran wouldn’t have had the resources to fund and arm Hamas and Hezbollah if Biden/Blinken hadn’t given the terrorist regime of Iran $26 billion and ignored oil and other sanctions on Iran, which enabled Iran to earn another $50-$100 billion.

Clearly, Biden/Blinken wants to force Netanyahu out of office and establish a Hamas/Iran-controlled Palestinian Arab state. For who will run this state? Iran? Hamas? Hezbollah? Terrorist dictator Mahmoud Abbas – who pays Arabs to murder Jews, says no Jew will be allowed in a Palestinian state, and brags that his people also participated in October 7th?

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