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ZOA to Biden: Stop Interfering With Jews’ Legal, Moral Right to Build in Judea/Samaria, Jerusalem

PM Bennett Needs to Ignore U.S. Pressure  Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: We are deeply concerned by the revelation this week that during President Biden’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett on August 27, 2021, Biden pressured Israel to show “restraint” regarding building in “settlements” (meaning Jewish homes and […]

Why the U.S. Really Wants a Palestinian Consulate in J’lem – Israel Hayom

By Prof. Eugene Kontorovich (OCTOBER 7, 2021 / ISRAEL HAYOM) The Biden administration is trying to partially undo one of Israel’s greatest diplomatic achievements of recent decades – the recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over all of Jerusalem by the U.S., followed by numerous other countries. The good news is unlike many diplomatic attacks, the Israeli […]

PM Bennett/Lapid Govt. & Min. Shaked: We Will Not Establish a Palestinian State

(OCTOBER 6, 2021 / ARUTZ SHEVA) The current Israeli government will not back Palestinian statehood, Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) said Wednesday morning during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. Speaking with the UAE-based news outlet The National, Shaked ruled out talks on Palestinian statehood, both during Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s term, as well […]

ZOA Praises Pompeo Saying Re-Opening U.S. Consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem is Illegal & Wrong

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: ZOA thanks former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo for confirming during a Jewish Insider interview that it would be illegal, unnecessary, counterproductive, and would send the wrong signal to the Palestinian Arabs if the Biden administration re-opens the consulate in Jerusalem, catering […]

Renowned Civil Rights/Constitutional Lawyer David Schoen New National Chair of ZOA

Morton Klein Re-Elected ZOA National President The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is honored and delighted to congratulate prominent civil rights and Constitutional lawyer David Schoen, Esq. on Mr. Schoen’s election as the incoming ZOA Chairman; ZOA President Morton A. Klein on his re-election as ZOA National President; and ZOA’s new elected officers: Vice Chairpersons Michael Orbach and Paul […]

ZOA Analysis: U.S. Amb. to Israel Nominee Thomas Nides Stated Both Positive and Harmful Positions at Confirmation Hearing

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Director of Special Projects Liz Berney, Esq. released the following analysis: At his September 22, 202 Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing, Thomas Nides, nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Israel, stated both some positive positions and some troubling, harmful positions regarding a range of issues […]

ZOA Action Alert: Sign and Share Petition – Urge CA Gov. Newsom to Veto Ethnic Studies Bill

  SIGN & SHARE PETITION –   Urge CA Gov. Newsom to Veto Ethnic Studies Bill   Earlier this month, the California legislature passed a bill – AB 101 – that would require all public school students to take a semester of ethnic studies in order to graduate high school.  The bill is now in […]

ZOA: Remove Jew-Haters from Congressional Committees: AOC, Tlaib, Omar, McCollum, etc. Endangered Jewish (and Arab) Lives Twice This Week

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: At least twice this week, far-left Jew-hating Congressional “Squad” members again endangered Jewish (and Arab) lives. On September 21, “Squad” members―led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) (D-NY) and Betty McCollum (D-MN), and also including Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and […]

ZOA Condemns Rep. AOC, Tlaib, Pocan for Amendment Blocking Approved Sale to Israel of Boeing Precision Kits to Defend Israel from Hamas Terrorism

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) Morton A. Klein released the following statement: The ZOA strongly condemns representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) (D-NY), Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-MI) and Mark Pocan (D-WI) for introducing an amendment* to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to block the sale to Israel of $735 million of Boeing defense articles to […]

ZOA: Biden & Blinken Have No Right to Unilaterally Commit Opening Dangerous Palestinian Arab Consulate in Jerusalem

Palestinian Arab Consulate Would Be a Diplomatic Insult to Israel; Undermine Jerusalem’s Unity and Israeli Sovereignty and Safety; Violate U.S. Law & Oslo Accords; and Reward Terrorist Dictatorship Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: On August 23rd, ZOA sent out an action alert urging our activists to join us in […]