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Michigan ZOA Officer Letter in Detroit Jewish News and Press Release for Tuchman Michigan Talk

Congress Needs to Vote on Any Iran Agreement History has a way of repeating itself, as people have not internalized the lessons of history. In 1925 the Locarno Treaty was signed by Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France permanently demilitarizing the Rhine River Valley. In 1936 Hitler marched several battalions into the Rhine Valley and […]

ZOA’s Klein Quoted on Israel Nat’l News about Disgraceful Peace Now Message

A far-left American Jewish organization has drawn angry condemnation in both Israel and from withing the US Jewish community, over a campaign in which it brands Jews living in Judea and Samaria as “a plague.” Americans for Peace Now (APN) is the sister organization of the Israel-based Peace Now, a mainly foreign-funded NGO which advocates […]

NY Times Article Quotes ZOA on Menendez Critique of Iran

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. — Senator Robert Menendez spoke in a level, matter-of-fact tone, but his words were grave. Anti-Semitism is on the march around the world, he said. Negotiations with Iran, he warned, have reached “the witching hour,” with the security of both the United States and Israel at stake. Addressing a Sunday morning crowd […]

NY Times Quotes ZOA’s Mort Klein about James Baker Speech at J Street

The warnings trickled in soon after an announcement began circulating last month that James A. Baker III, the former diplomat who is now a foreign policy adviser to Jeb Bush, would be a featured speaker at a conference hosted by J Street, the liberal pro-Israel advocacy organization. It could be problematic, conservative donors and Israel […]

ZOA Quoted in JNS Article on Jeb Bush Nod to James Baker

Former secretary of state James Baker, a prominent figure in president George H. W. Bush’s administration and a critic of the Israeli government’s policies, is under fire from conservatives and pro-Israel activists for his decision to speak at the annual conference of the left-wing J Street lobby. But should the pro-Israel community’s concern extend to […]

ABC News Quoted ZOA on Israel Election

Well before this week’s elections, Israel had already become a source of division for American Jews, who bitterly debated the ever-expanding Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories and the acceptable boundaries of dissent from Israeli policies. The outcome of the Israeli election will only deepen that polarization, experts say. Benjamin Netanyahu’s anti-Arab campaign rhetoric and his […]

JPost Quotes ZOA about J Street

J Street came under fire Sunday after opening its fifth annual conference in Washington over the weekend with a call for Jewish organizations to distinguish between Israel and the West Bank, including in fundraising. “We plan to challenge Jewish communal institutions to remember the physical and symbolic significance of the ‘Green Line,’” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, […]

ZOA’s Mort Klein Quoted in NY Jewish Week that Israeli Concessions Won’t Bring Peace

Analysts said they believe American Jews would like to see a new Israeli government to help re-cement ties with the Obama administration. “I think American Jews will probably feel more relieved at this juncture if [Labor head Isaac] Herzog ends up forming the next government,” observed Alon Ben-Meir, a professor of international relations at the […]