Posted by: ZOA Staff
July 14, 2014
News Press Release

ZOA Praises Gov. Christie For Supporting Strong Israeli/US Action Against Hamas/PA

Christie: “Israel Not Sure Of Full U.S. Support, Like They Used To.”

ZOA president Morton A. Klein released the following statement, “The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) praised New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for supporting strong Israeli and US action against Hamas/PA. (Hamas and Abbas ‘Fatah merged recently into the Palestinian Authority [PA].)

Christie said that organizations like Hamas ‘need to be dealt with firmly’

“While attending a meeting of the National Governors Association, of which he is president, Christie said that organizations like Hamas ‘need to be dealt with firmly’, and said the President Obama has not done that during his presidency.

“Christie added, ‘Israel is not sure that they have Americas full support like they used to, and that’s a real failure of this presidency. And I think the unrest you see in the Middle East is caused in some measure, not completely, by the fact that this president has not acted in a decisive, consistent way.’ President Obama should be more clear in ‘having America be a forceful voice in favor of a democracy like Israel, and be condemning in the strongest possible terms and with actions the things that are being done by Hamas against Israel.’”