ADL/Foxman’s Proclamation “Case Closed” and AIPAC’s Silence on “Chickens–t” Insult Are Troubling
News Press Release
November 7, 2014

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is deeply troubled by and disagrees with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Abe Foxman’s publicly proclaiming that the case is “closed” on a senior Obama official publicly calling Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickens–t.”

The White House’s weak public statement that this ugly slur and insult was “inappropriate” and “counterproductive” is hardly a meaningful or proper response. The White House should have stated that they apologize, that they will find out who said this, and will fire this individual, as the ZOA has demanded. ADL and other Jewish organizations should continue to demand the White House issue an apology and fire this individual.

Surely, this would have been the White House response had this insult been hurled against PA dictator Mahmoud Abbas, Turkey leader Erdogan, or Iran leader Rouhani.

In these times of mortal danger to Israel, all Jewish organizations should join ZOA to collectively raise our voices against each and every hostile act of the Obama administration.

It is wrong for the ADL to seek to silence the rest of the Jewish community by unilaterally declaring that the case is now closed. ADL does not speak for the Jewish community, only for themselves and their supporters. Similarly, they did not speak for the Jewish community when they proclaimed that the Klinghoffer opera nor the Nike ads showing a Jewish star on the uniforms of evil clone soccer players were not anti-Semitic. This closure statement is really a dereliction of ADL’s sworn duty to fight defamation of Jews and Israel.

The ZOA is also troubled and disappointed that AIPAC said nothing publicly criticizing this horrific insult against Israel’s Prime Minister. 

Likewise, AIPAC’s silence here is perplexing and wrong.  At AIPAC conferences, AIPAC officials often speak about how AIPAC exists to assure that American Jews will no longer be silent, as occurred in the 1930’s.  

Although AIPAC may have gotten Congressman to speak out on this issue, that is not enough. The White House must know that important Jewish organizations are deeply concerned about this insult.

In light of its mission, AIPAC should also not have remained silent, and should be joining ZOA in calling for the firing of this individual.

AIPAC’s silence reminds us of their silence during the confirmation hearings for the Administration’s proposed cabinet appointments of officials hostile to Israel such as Chuck Hagel and John Brennan.   If AIPAC had spoken up then – it could have made a difference.  It is time for AIPAC to start speaking up and making a difference on such issues.

Responding to the Administration official’s “chickens–t” insult and other ugly slurs is especially important, because this was not an isolated anti-Israel episode. 

Rather, this episode is part of the Obama Administration’s pattern of hostility towards the Jewish State.   For instance:

*  The Obama Administration imposed an “extra review process” and delayed needed missile transfers to Israel. 

*  The Obama Administration condemned Israel’s response to thousands of rocket attacks and dozens of terror tunnels as “disproportionate” when Israel was fighting for its citizens lives.  

*  The Obama Administration condemned Israel for announcing the building of houses in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem in an area that will never be given away under any peace deal.

*  According to rumors, the Obama Administration is planning to refuse to veto anti-Israel votes in the U.N. Security Council, including a potential vote to unilaterally recognize a terrorist Palestinian State that refuses to make peace with or recognize Israel.

*  U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice publicly mocked and insulted Israel’s Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer.   Rice scornfully claimed that Dermer was “too busy traveling to Sheldon Adelson’s events in Las Vegas” to meet with Rice.

*  The Obama Administration has been apparently appeasing Iran, and embracing Qatar and Turkey – despite Iran’s calls for Israel’s and American’s destruction; Qatar’s hundreds of millions of dollars of contributions to Hamas which enabled Hamas to attack Israeli civilians with merciless rocket fire; and Turkey’s support for the “flotilla” to arm Hamas. 

*  President Obama said nothing about a Hamas terrorist’s recent attempted murder of American Rabbi Yehuda Glick, or about PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s outrageous remark that this terrorist is now “rising to heaven while defending our people’s rights and holy places.”  Obama was  also silent about Abbas sending a condolence letter to the Jew-killer’s family. Obama remains silent while Abbas is supporting the murder of Jews and whose official websites openly promote the use of cars as lethal weapons to murder Jews.

In these times of mortal danger to Israel, all Jewish organizations should join ZOA to collectively raise our voices against each and every hostile act of the Obama administration. We dare not be silent.


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