Media Failure to Report Abbas’ Fatah Aims and Statements to Never Accept & Destroy Israel
News Press Release
October 26, 2017

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has pointed to the media’s failure and refusal to identify and report the declared goals of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party, which controls the Palestinian Authority (PA) as constituting an obstacle to informing the public about the eliminationist goals of the Palestinian Arab movement.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) — an umbrella organization for Palestinian groups headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas — recently tweeted (then quickly deleted without explanation) a statement that used to be made by PLO founder and arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat : “Our goal is the end of Israel … We don’t want peace. We want war and victory” (Sean Durns, ‘Fatah Admits Its True Goals — but the Media Won’t Retweet,’ Algemeiner, October 24, 2017).

In recent days, Fatah has reaffirmed that it has not and will not recognize Israel and make a permanent peace with the Jewish state, its spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi saying, “I declare this clearly and in a satellite channel broadcast: ‘My friends, Hamas, you should not recognize Israel, you are not required to… we in the Fatah Movement have not changed our position.”

This is but a reflection Fatah’s history and constitutive documents. The Fatah Constitution, drafted in 1964, never since amended, calls for the “complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence” (Article 12) and for terrorism as “a strategy and not a tactic … this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished” (Article 19).

In the Fatah-controlled PA, PA-salaried clerics calls for the murder of Jews; PA publications glorify terrorism; PA school curricula inculcates terrorism and ‘martyrdom’ as a national and religious duty; PA maps do not show a country called ‘Israel.’ And the PA pays Arabs to murder Jews!

Despite the Fatah/PLO commitment at the start of the Oslo process in 1993 that all violence and terrorism against Israel would be ended and all issues would be negotiated in a peace settlement, Fatah and the PA it controls promote and glorify anti-Jewish terrorism, deny the Jewish right to statehood and refuse to conclude a genuine, permanent peace with Israel.

Moreover, Fatah denies that it is even bound in any way by the Oslo accords. Fatah official Salwa Hudaib stated on September 16, 2017, “We are not bound by the Oslo accords, because these accords no longer exist on the ground.”

Similarly –– and in complete repudiation of President Trump’s current efforts seeking an Israeli/Palestinian Arab agreement –– the PA ‘Foreign Minister’ Riyadal-Maliki has stated, “We will never go back and sit again in a direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.” This, both breaches the Oslo accords and signals a refusal in principle to negotiate a peace settlement.

Yet, these astounding and clear anti-peace statements, signaling a refusal to deal with an Israel it intends to destroy, are routinely ignored in media reportage on the conflict. The general public thus, has no knowledge of the true state of affairs.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “It is clear from numerous statements and acts by the Fatah/PA that this is not a movement that has ever repudiated, revised or modified its Arab supremacist program of denying Jewish peoplehood, destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab-dominated regime.

“The Fatah Charter is fixated on diverse means of destroying Israel and has never been supplanted or superseded by another, reformist document that rejects these fundamental positions. And on top of this, Palestinian Authority law requires paying Arabs to murder Jews!

“Given these unchanging realities, the idea that Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah-dominated PA will make peace with Israel is simply unrealistic.

“As I observed only a few days ago, President Trump will find that Abbas and the PA will reject any form of recognition of Israel and any type of solution that does not encompass Israel’s ultimate elimination.”

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