ZOA Condemns Congress Members Who Praised Radical Islamic Israelophobic Group CAIR
News Press Release
January 22, 2020

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has condemned the 120 Members of Congress who have written letters of support for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The letters of support were chiefly from Democrats, plus two Republicans, and include 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Senators Elizabeth Warren (D–MA), Amy Klobuchar (D–MN) and Michael Bennet (D-CO). Billionaire Tom Steyer also issued a letter of support.

CAIR is a Saudi-funded, radical Islamic organization whose founder is on record praising suicide bombers.

CAIR has apologized for Osama Bin Laden, employed three persons subsequently arrested on terrorism-related charges, and declared its intent to make Islam dominant in America and the Quran the highest authority in the land. 

The U.S. Department of Justice has listed CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in funding millions of dollars to the terrorist organization Hamas, which calls in its Covenant for the destruction of Israel and the global murder of Jews. This listing came about after FBI investigators uncovered evidence establishing CAIR’s place in the ‘Palestine Committee,’ a Muslim Brotherhood-created network aimed at helping Hamas in the United States, according to a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The United Arab Emirates also named CAIR a terrorist organization, along with naming Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups in 2014. 

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein and Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. said, “It is beyond belief that, after CAIR’s Islamic radicalism and support for terrorists has been publicly revealed and documented in copious detail, Members of Congress would continue to legitimize CAIR through letters of support, associating with its officials, attending its functions, and praising its activism.

“How much more exactly needs to be known about this reprehensible organization before these 120 Members of Congress, including four Democrat presidential candidates, take note and cease to support it and in fact publicly condemn it!

“The failure of these Members of Congress to shun and denounce CAIR is morally indefensible as well as being a disservice to democracy.

“When a radical, anti-Constitution, anti-democratic, and Jew-hating Israelophobic organization is promoted and legitimized by our elected representatives, then violence is done to democracy itself.

“This failure of morality and wisdom by the 120 Members of Congress actually incentivizes extremism and bigotry and hate. Organizations that pay no price for their extremism are thereby rewarded and encouraged.

“These 120 Members of Congress should rescind their letters of support forthwith.”

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