Did Senator Jaclyn Rosen (D-NV) Demand a Shameful Boycott of Israeli Govt.’s Religious Zionist Party During Senate Delegation Mideast Trip?
News Press Release
January 18, 2023

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

Did Senator Jaclyn (“Jacky”) Rosen (D-NV) demand a shameful boycott of Religious Zionists during the Middle East trip of a bi-partisan delegation of seven U.S. Senators this week? Senator Jacky Rosen is co-leading the trip. According to a report by the left wing Axios website, Senator Rosen “made it clear” that she does not want to meet with Religious Zionist party “members or to attend any of their meetings, especially those in the Knesset.” However, a government source told ZOA that the Axios report is not accurate. ZOA requests that Senator Rosen clear up this matter and meet with members of the Israeli Government’s second-largest coalition partners.

We hope that Senator Rosen did not demand a boycott of the duly elected Religious Zionist officials who represent over half a million (515,908) Israeli voters. A boycott would deny the Senate delegation the opportunity to ask questions and learn the truth about the Religious Zionists’ sensible pro-security positions, to learn about their important governmental work; and to learn the truth that Religious Zionists are not “extremists.”

The victims of such a boycott would include: at least seven key government ministers and deputy ministers; at least two chairs of key Knesset committees; the 14 Religious Zionist Knesset members who are also members of virtually every Knesset committee, and who include at least two women Knesset members and a Black Knesset member who was born in Ethiopia; the Knesset itself; and everyone who believes in Israeli democracy.

We are concerned because J Street has been promoting discriminatory boycotts against Religious Zionists, using falsehoods about the Religious Zionists’ positions; and the anti-Israel organization J Street was the fifth-largest contributor to Jacky Rosen’s campaign to become a Senator when she was elected in 2018. J Street contributed $88,475.00 to Jacky Rosen’s campaign, and held a fundraising event for her in Washington, D.C. on July 24, 2018. Another hostile-to-Israel organization, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, was also a top contributor ($36,225.00) to Jacky Rosen’s campaign.

ZOA urges Senator Jacky Rosen to clarify her position; to renounce any boycott of Religious Zionists; and to disassociate herself from the anti-Israel organizations who supported her election in 2018.

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