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Mixed Pro-Israel Reactions to Trump’s Secretary of State Pick, ExxonMobil’s Tillerson –

Pro-Israel organizations had mixed reactions to president-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who has spent years forging deep ties with Sunni Arab Gulf states but has an unknown record when it comes to Israel. “Mr. Tillerson has distinguished himself in the management of one of the world’s premier corporations. […]

Israel Nat’l News: Amb. John Bolton and Morton Klein at ZOA Co-Sponsored Press Conference on Potential UN Anti-Israel Action

In an interview with Dr. Joseph Frager, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein explains why he is concerned about US President Barack Obama’s potential to make dangerous and irrevocable decisions concerning the Palestinian Authority, Israel, and BDS. “I’m deeply distressed that none of the major Jewish organizations has taken a public stand on […]

JPost: ZOA Has Access to White House Officials

Throughout the last year and a half of a heated presidential campaign in the United States, American Jewish organizations, like much of the general US population, have been divided when it came to their views of the candidates, and particularly of President-elect Donald Trump. Most recently, Jewish organizations clashed over the appointment of former Breitbart […]

ZOA Letter in Haaretz

‘Bannon was never invited to address the ZOA’ According to Peter Beinart, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), which I head, is a mostly unknown, “heavily” Orthodox organization that supports President-elect Trump’s “takeover” of the GOP, invited Trump strategist Steve Bannon to address our recent Annual Dinner and “peddles” “anti-Muslim bigotry” (‘Trump Era Heralds Final […]

JPost: ZOA Only Group to Confront Reality – ADL/Others Must Listen to ZOA Wise Counsel

Throughout the 2,000 years of Jews living in the Diaspora, there has been no precedent for the behavior of major liberal mainstream sectors of the American Jewish community. They are undermining themselves and provoking massive waves of resentment from Americans, many of whom were favorably disposed toward them. The United States has been the home […]

Journalist Makes Case Why ZOA Shouldn’t Have Retracted His Vatican/Palestine Story

  Who is behind the bus ads in Rome for a ‘trip to Palestine?’ Is the Vatican’s travel agency involved in the “Palestine trip” bus ads whose itinerary includes Jerusalem sites holy to Christians? On November 23rd, I exposed the story of a bus in Rome, used by the Vatican travel agency to sponsor a […]

NY Jewish Week ZOA Op-Ed: Brooklyn Food Coop – Stop Punishing Those Fighting BDS

When the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn was founded in 1973, it had a worthy mission: to make healthy and affordable food available to everyone who wanted it. But recently, the Coop appears to have lost its way. In April, it suspended four loyal, long-time members for a whole year – three of them […]

ZOA Letter in Israel Newspaper Haaretz

Don’t blame candidates for their supporters. The incoming Trump Administration has publicly committed itself to a policy of strong support for Israel, both diplomatically and militarily, including over the existential threat posed by a future Iranian nuclear weapons capacity –– but apparently, for Bradley Burston, it is Charles Lindbergh and xenophobic American isolationism all over […]

JPost Cites Dershowitz and ZOA’s Klein as Speakers at UN Conference on BDS

Hundreds of people gathered at United Nations headquarters on Wednesday night to attend a forum held by the Israeli Mission to the UN to discuss the legal fight against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. “We are here to send a simple message to the BDS movement: To the bullies who harass students on campus, […]

Video: Morton Klein, ZOA National President on Fox News Earlier this Morning

Morton Klein, ZOA National President on Fox News this morning, on anti-Semitism and President-elect Trump’s pick for Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon.  CLICK TO WATCH