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JPost: ZOA Trains Activists to Counter False Campaigns Spread by BDS

Sitting in a classroom at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, a group of some 30 North American undergraduate students watched a news flash broadcast on the aggressive behavior taken by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement on US campuses. As the report concluded, the students, on a two-week organized trip by the Zionist Organization of America, […]

JBS TV: JPost’s Isi Leibler on ADL’s Greenblatt, J Street, Jewish Leaders

ZOA praised at 23 minute mark.  For viewing please click HERE.   

Op-ed by ZOA’s Mark Levenson: State Should Place Conditions on Companies Boycotting Israel

It is the correct decision for the state of New Jersey to join nine other states and enact S1923/A925, legislation calling for the divestment of state pension funds from companies engaged in boycott of Israel and Israeli business. The legislation serves both as an important anti-discrimination provision, and it protects and promotes New Jersey’s robust […]

Forward Quotes ZOA’s Klein on Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

Uncertainty will continue to hound millions of immigrant families after the Supreme Court failed Thursday to reach a decision on the legality of President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration, pro-immigrant Jewish groups say. Texas, along with 25 other states, challenged Obama’s 2014 immigration policy deferring deportation for certain undocumented immigrants, saying it violated the […]

ZOA Noted as Group Students Should Call on for Legal Help

Hate has infiltrated my beloved alma mater, University of Michigan. Like my alumni friends, it’s hard for me to fathom that the hate on campus is directed toward people like me, a Jew and a supporter of Israel. We, the Jewish community, must show the university that we care about each other, our safety, and […]

It’s Scandalous – “ZOA Only Group Criticizing Obama Mistreating Israel,” Isi Leibler Speech Receiving Bar Ilan U. Ph.D

The Jewish world, both in Israel and the Diaspora, is undergoing dramatic demographic and ideological changes. The past decades have witnessed a steep decline in the power and influence of Diaspora Jews. Israel’s centrality to Jewish life and the ties which link Jews in the Diaspora to Israel are facing considerable stress. Yet Israel has […]

Forward on ADL’s Opposition to Anti-BDS Legislation Quotes ZOA

As many Jewish groups jump on board a push for laws to penalize businesses and groups boycotting Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, long considered a pillar of the Jewish establishment, is not just standing back — it has been opposing the tide. And now, it’s taking flack for this. In a press release calling ADL’s opposition […]

ZOA’s Klein Criticizes State Department for Supporting Palestinian Extremism with Taxpayer Dollars

The State Department is using American taxpayer dollars to finance Palestinian Arabs celebrating violent attacks on Israelis and advocating a boycott of Israel and the division of its capital city. Where’s the outrage? Not in the New York Times, which treats the topic as subject for a light-toned feature article about what it describes as […]

ZOA Praised as Only Major Jewish Group Criticizing Obama’s Anti-Israel Policies

The confusion and uncertainty arising from the presidential election campaign, together with the hostility generated over the new Israeli coalition, has emboldened a number of prominent Jewish progressives to initiate a new crusade implicitly criticizing the security policies of the democratically elected Israeli government. Their actions threaten bipartisan support for the Jewish state which has […]