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ZOA Quoted in Israel’s World Zionist Congress Article

It’s hard to be an American Zionist these days. The media is spreading lies about Israel, college campuses are increasingly anti-Israel and the Israelis keep saying, “if you were really a Zionist you would move to Israel.” Despite these limitations, American Zionism doesn’t seem to be going away. In fact, 400 American delegates and alternates […]

ZOA Letter to Exponent on Jewish Priorities

Time for a Change on Policy of Helping While it is certainly admirable to lead charitable efforts to care for the “migrants/refugees” from Syria, this is yet another example of misplaced Jewish community priorities — caring for others, in this case our enemies, at our own peril. (“On Refugee Crisis, Jewish Community Moves From Words […]

ZOA Op-ed: Obama Tactic on Israel – Lie then Retract

After weeks of murderous Palestinian stabbing attacks upon innocent Israelis, how has the Obama Administration responded?  Although Israel has been killing or apprehending knife-wielding terrorists, while Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) has been inciting and glorifying their acts of murder, the Administration presents both sides as morally equivalent, while insinuating or even asserting Israeli responsibility. Obama officials have been […]

Washington Post Quotes ZOA on Kerry Meeting with Bibi

Secretary of State John F. Kerry is planning to tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict again, as he departs Wednesday evening for Europe and the Middle East, where he will hold a series of meetings to try to help quell a wave of violence in Israel. His first stop is Germany, where he will meet with Israeli […]

JPost: ZOA Only Jewish Group Speaking Out Against Obama’s Hostility Toward Israel

It is now evident that, by and large, the Jewish establishment has adopted a policy of deafening silence in relation to the virulent one-sided political attacks and sins of omission by the Obama administration concerning our barbaric adversaries. It is only the outspoken Zionist Organization of America and minor fringe groups that have been directly […]

ZOA Letter in Jewish Papers: J Street College Pres. is Pro-BDS Israel Hater

A Decidedly Unpresidential Profile   In your profile of J Street U new president, Amna Farooqi, you accept at face value Farooqi’s assertion of “loving Israel” (“J Street U’s New Muslim President,” Sept. 24). But absent from your profile were some disturbing facts. First, Farooqi does not merely criticize the “occupation” (98 percent of Palestinians […]

ZOA Praised in Article about AIPAC

With the introspection of the YamimNora’im behind us, and as we look ahead to what 5776 may bring, it’s impossible to avoid the sobering—even frightening—significance of recent events in Washington. Many in our community are asking, “What can be done to protect Israel? What can I do?” Together with a group of policy experts, political […]

Israel Natl News – ZOA Discusses Reason Obama Stopped Kerry/Power from Attending Netanyahu UN Speech

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s powerful speech in the United Nations last week was largely upstaged by the murderous Palestinian terrorist attack wave that began less than two hours later. However, two announcements by the Zionist Organization of America have returned the speech – during which he glared at the General Assembly delegates from around the […]

ZOA Quoted in Jewish Week Article on Netanyahu Shift

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s blistering United Nations speech last week in which he chastised the General Assembly for its “deafening silence” following Iran’s recent pledge to destroy Israel within 25 years was also used as a signal that he wants to mend ties with President Barack Obama. “Even though he did not spend a […]

ZOA Letter to Haaretz: About Free Speech on Campus

It’s the Israel bashers who quash free speech In response to “Pro-Palestinians accuse Israel advocates of muzzling dissent on U.S. campuses,” September 30. The reports that anti-Israel groups have issued, claiming that the ZOA’s legal advocacy suppresses free speech, are ludicrous. Ironically, it is the Israel bashers on campus who muzzle and suppress Jewish and […]