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Ice Cube to Speak at ZOA Superstar Gala

Rapper Ice Cube will be a headline speaker at the annual gala of the Zionist Organization of America — the nation’s oldest pro-Israel organization — after he was called out for sharing anti-Semitic images on social media earlier this year. “‘I gotta say it was a good day’ when my friend Cube readily and happily […]

CNN Faces Backlash Barrage for Denigrating Holocaust: ‘Amanpour Must Be Fired’

After CNN’s Christiane Amanpour commemorated Kristallnacht — the infamous anti-Jewish pogrom carried out throughout Nazi Germany — by likening it to the Trump presidency, her comments were met with an immediate backlash, with many expressing shock at the belittling of the horrors of Nazi Germany. In a jaw-dropping segment on Thursday, CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour […]

OP-ED BY: Shelley Benveniste, The Jewish Press ZOA’s Florida Campaign Successfully Results in Firing of Holocaust-Denying Principal

Witnessing the vacillation of the Palm Beach County School Board has been a truly sobering experience. Last year, the board fired Holocaust denier William Latson from his position as principal of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. The dismissal was a result of his shocking email exchange with a parent. Latson had written, “I […]

OP-ED BY: Barry Shaw, Israel National News Why Are U.S. Jewish Organizations, Except ZOA, Silent About Congressional Antisemitism? Israel Natl News

Why is it that the ZOA is the only Jewish organization in America that initiated instant condemnation of Ilhan Omar’s latest antisemitic drumbeat against Israel? The new set of Omar lies, tweeted after the U.S. election, included the blood libel that Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, accusing the Jewish State of “leaving an entire community […]

ZOA Praises Palm Beach County School Board On Decision To Rescind Its Vote To Rehire Holocaust Denier William Latson

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) strongly praises the Palm Beach County School Board for rescinding its recent decision to rehire the holocaust-denying William Latson, former principal of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. Latson had been fired in 2019, after he refused to say that the Holocaust was “a factual, historical event.”   After Latson […]

JNS – ZOA Organizes 30 Jewish Groups: Sends Letter to 165 Colleges Urging Fighting Campus Antisemitism

Thirty organizations, led by the Zionist Organization of America, have sent a letter to 165 colleges and university presidents across the United States, calling on them to address antisemitism on their own campus. “Many Jewish students are feeling harassed, afraid to express their Jewish identity—including their support for Israel—and afraid for their emotional well-being and […]

Stuart Force, Whose Son Taylor Was Murdered by a Palestinian Who Will Now Receive a Pension Urges Joe Biden: Don’t Resume Funding Terrorist Palestinian Regime

Stuart Force, whose son Taylor was killed by Palestinian terrorists during a visit to Israel, is urging former Vice President Joe Biden not to resume assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if elected in November. In a campaign launched by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) on Monday, Force defended the Taylor Force Act, named […]

World Israel News Interview With ZOA’s Mort Klein on Ice Cube, Antisemitism, Jewish Leaders, and More

Mort Klein, who has served for nearly three decades as head of the Zionist Organization of America, has achieved a name recognition in the Jewish world that goes beyond the United States. Klein has been in the news recently for his outspoken opposition to Black Lives Matter, his conflicts with liberal Jewish leaders and even […]