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Israeli Majority

    by Morton A. Klein Gary Rosenblatt writes that the alternative to negotiating a “two-state solution” is “a Jewish minority in Israel and the end of a Jewish state as we know it” (“What Obama Needs From Us,” Between The Lines, Nov. 4). Untrue. Most Palestinians (98 percent) live today in territories under Palestinian […]

Zionist leader worries Obama is bad for Israel

Friday November 14, 2008   Zionist leader worries Obama is bad for Israel by Dan Pinestaff writer Just after Barack Obama won the presidency, thousands of jubilant Americans poured into the streets. Morton Klein was not one of them. The president of the Zionist Organization of America worries an Obama presidency will spell trouble for […]

Egyptian War Games Cause For Concern In Israel, Lawmaker Says

    By Julie Stahl Jerusalem ( – Israel is upset over Egyptian military exercises in which the simulated “enemy” is Israel, and some are calling on the U.S. to reconsider its aid to Egypt because of it. Israel and Egypt – two U.S. regional allies – signed a U.S.-sponsored peace treaty in 1979 – Israel’s […]

Caretaker Government

          by Morton A. Klein In “Thanks To Olmert, Mideast ‘Solutions’ Come Full Circle” (Between The Lines, Oct. 10), Gary Rosenblatt observes that “Olmert is still the prime minister and has the legal right to continue to pursue talks with Syria and continue negotiations with the Palestinians.” In democracies, caretaker prime […]

Learn Some Lessons From Gaza Withdrawal

      Letters  Wed. Oct 08, 2008 Learn Some Lessons From Gaza Withdrawal The Forward takes the convenient view that, since it agrees with Ehud Olmert’s current policy to retreat entirely from Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem and create a Palestinian state, Olmert is right to pursue this policy even though he has resigned. […]

Who Was There And Who Wasn’t?

  Who Was There And Who Wasn’t? by Stewart AinStaff Writer 09/24/2008 They wore buttons at Monday’s rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that bore his picture with the words “Not Welcome” beneath it. Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel was equally blunt, telling thousands of protesters in Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza outside the United Nations that he […]

Against Prisoner Release

  Against Prisoner Release by Morton A. KleinNational President, Zionist Organization of America, Philadelphia 9/17/08 Your editorial rightly argues that Israel’s willingness to release 200 jailed terrorists is “more likely to evoke in Palestinians a sense of Israeli weakness than of appreciation and respect” (‘Wake-Up Time For Rice,’ Aug. 20). Not only have past releases […]

That Campus Anti-Semitism Thing, You Say It’s Your Birthday

          Letters to the Editor September 3, 2008 That campus anti-Semitism thing, you say it’s your birthday  Quiet War at UCI  There was little explanation in your article as to why the conclusions of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) — dismissing the Zionist Organization of America’s […]

Google Responds to ZOA Complaint

    Google responds to ZOA complaint  Published: 09/02/2008 The Zionist Organization of America applauded Google for removing what the group deemed as objectionable material about Israel from its Google Earth service. In a letter to the company in July, ZOA said that Google Earth, a popular service that provides detailed geographic information, was hosting […]