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With Obama Mostly Silent On Gaza, Dems Move To Fill Void

    By Ron Kampeas · January 6, 2009   WASHINGTON (JTA) — Silence, sometimes golden, also may be perceived as yellow. Democrats, increasingly antsy about President-elect Barack Obama’s refusal to weigh in on the Gaza war, are looking for ways to keep Republicans and other Obama critics from making an issue of his silence. […]

Politics, Diplomacy Behind Obama’s Gaza Silence

    By Deborah Charles – Analysis WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Even as Israelis and Palestinians plunged deeper into conflict, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama remained silent, refusing to budge from his one-president-at-a-time mantra. Obama takes office on January 20 but has not commented on the Middle East crisis since Israel launched attacks on Gaza nine days […]

Church Leaders Appeal For Cease Fire In Gaza

    Washington » U.S. and global Christian leaders are calling on Israel to implement an immediate cease-fire in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip, while U.S. Jewish groups have largely defended Israel’s military campaign. Gaza officials say nearly 400 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 1,600 injured, in Israel‘s air campaign targeted to destroy the […]

American Jewish Responses To Gaza: Old and New

  Washington Watch by Dr. James ZogbyJanuary 2, 2009 It has long been of concern that the vigorous public debate that rages in Israel is not replicated either among American Jewish organizations or policy makers in Washington. I’ve noted before how, in the early part of the 2000 Presidential election, then-Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman […]

The Argument’s Clearly Well-Meaning, but Flawed

    Letters   Judea Pearl’s belief that apologies by Israelis and Palestinians to each other will create peace is well-meaning, but faulty (Opinion: “Proper Words Must Be Found to Reignite Peace Process,” Dec. 4). The root cause of the Arab war on Israel is an Arab-Muslim determination to destroy the Jewish state. Palestinian refugees […]

Israel’s Court Didn’t Mandate Hebron House Eviction

Jan 2, 2009Letters Court Didn’t Mandate Hebron House Eviction In your December 19 editorial “Hebron and the Rule of Law,” regarding the evictions of Jews from Hebron‘s Beit HaShalom, you write: “In November the court authorized the army to evict the squatters. The troops went in to enforce the law.” That is misleading. The Supreme […]

Focus on Domestic Issues at Transition Team’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders

Focus on Domestic Issues at Transition Team’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders By Nathan Guttman The Jewish Daily ForwardFri. Dec 19, 2008 Washington — In their first meeting with Jewish leaders Thursday, the Obama transition team proved that change is indeed on its way. For the first time in years, a full spectrum of Jewish groups […]

When Diane Met Mort

When Diane met Mort By Ron Kampeas –  December 19, 2008 President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team’s first official encounter with the Jewish community suggested a substantial change in how his administration will deal with Jewish groups: Present were the array of dovish pro-Israel groups, including the Israel Policy Forum, J-Street, Americans for Peace Now and […]

Presidents Conference Silent On Hebron

    By Marc PerelmanThu. Dec 11, 2008     While major Jewish groups have publicly condemned the violence perpetrated by West Bank settlers against Israeli security forces and Palestinians in Hebron this month, the main voice of American Jewry has remained silent. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella body […]

Must U.S. Be Appeased?

      Douglas Bloomfield writes darkly that “Israelis [must] find a balance between domestic and international interests when they go to the polls on Feb. 10” (“Could U.S., Israel be on collision course?” WJW, Nov. 20). Translation: Israelis must elect the person who can better appease an American administration keen on proceeding with Israeli […]