Egypt Accuses U.S. Soldiers Of Mutilating Iraqi Corpses And Urges Arabs To Wage War Against Americans
August 29, 2003

NEW YORK- An official Egyptian government newspaper is accusing U.S. soldiers of mutilating Iraqi corpses and urging the Arab masses to wage “jihad” against Americans.

Excerpts from the article, which appeared in the Egyptian government newspaper Al Akhbar on August 6, 2003:

“The cannibals were barbaric creatures similar to beasts of prey, took vengeance upon their enemies. They would slaughter them, tear them limb from limb, and mutilate the corpses, exactly as the American forces did to the bodies of Saddam Hussein’s two sons Uday and Qusay, whose distressing and shocking pictures were circulated by the world media. Every place that it destroys, annihilates, and plunders treasure and oil [from], America does no less than what primitive cannibal tribes did in the prehistoric era!!”
“What is the meaning of the abhorrent crimes that America perpetrates in Iraq, Liberia, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Palestine via the Israeli angels of destruction? What is the meaning of the deeds carried out everywhere by the American forces – or to be more precise, by the children and grandchildren of the gangs of pirates and blood-letters who run [U.S.] policy? …
“In every country trampled by the feet of the American military forces, we see ghastly pictures of the remains of innocent civilian victims: eyes gouged out, noses cut off, limbs intentionally amputated with the flesh that covered them stripped off. I implore you to look at the pictures of Uday and Qusay, Saddam Hussein’s two sons, who were horribly mutilated. …
“The fight against America will be continued, Allah willing, by the peoples waging Jihad against the original pirates and criminals [i.e. the Americans] – or, to be more precise, against the cannibals and the human corpse-disembowelers!!” (Translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) points out that despite America’s $2.1-billion in aid to Egypt each year, Egyptian leaders and official publications regularly incite hatred against America. Examples:

* “POWELL IS AN IDIOT”: Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Maher told the Egyptian weekly Al-Musawwar that Secretary Powell’s proposal to promote democracy in the Arab world “is the epitome of idiocy.” (Al-Musawwar, Jan.10, 2003; translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

* “RUMSFELD IS A NEW HITLER”: An article in the Egyptian government-controlled newspaper Akhbar al-Yom on August 17, 2002, declared: “[U.S. Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld is a new Hitler in America… Ultimately, Rumsfeld will meet his fate, like the other crazies relegated to the dustbin of history.” (Translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

* “CHENEY, RICE, AND RUMSFELD ARE THE AXIS OF EVIL”: An article in the Egyptian government-controlled newspaper Al-Akhbar on July 3 2002, stated: “[Vice President] Dick Cheney, [National Security Adviser] Condoleeza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld are the axis of evil in the American administration.” (Translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

* “BUSH IS ARROGANT AND CONCEITED”: An article in the Egyptian government- controlled newspaper Al-Ahram on Sept. 25, 2001 accused President Bush of “arrogance and conceit” for urging the international community to support America’s war against terrorism.

* “POWELL IS ARROGANT AND STUPID”: An article in the Egyptian government- controlled newspaper Al-Akhbar on March 11, 2001, called Powell “arrogant” and accused him of “stupidity, ignorance of the rules of diplomacy, and intervention in what is none of his business.”

* “POWELL IS STUPID AND DECEITFUL”: An article in the Egyptian government- controlled newspaper Al-Akhbar on Feb.27, 2001, stated: “Powell is even more stupid and deceitful than Mrs. Madeleine Albright. Two days ago, he…revealed that he has the brain of a bird. Colin Powell, the black American…acted like a stupid teenager.”

* “POWELL SHED HIS SKIN”: Another article in the Egyptian government-controlled newspaper Al-Akhbar on Feb.27, 2001, asserted: “The American Secretary of State shed his skin, tore himself from his roots, and today he represents only himself and has no connection to the Black American community which led the revolution for democracy, equality and human rights.”

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