New J Street U Pres. is Profoundly Anti-Israel, Promotes Violence, Ugly Lies, and Boycotts Against Israel
News Press Release
September 3, 2015

The Zionist Organizaton of America made the following statement:


The new president of J Street U (J Street’s student subsidiary) Amna Farooqi is profoundly anti-Israel, and happens to be of the Muslim faith from Pakistan. She spews hatred for Israel and Israel’s leaders, supports “resistance” (violence) against Israel, and supports anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS).  The fact that a virulently anti-Israel is now at the helm of J Street U leaves absolutely no doubt that J Street is an anti-Israel organization.  


Farooqi’s language in her public tweets – including words such as “f—ing,” and calling Israeli Prime Minister a “douchebag” – is as offensive as her messages.


Farooqi’s language in her public tweets – including words such as “f—ing,” and calling Israeli Prime Minister a “douchebag” – is as offensive as her messages.

Farooqi falsely condemns Israel for (non-existent) “occupation,” “oppression,” and “racism [that is] pervasive and draining” (in her March J St. Conference speech).  Farooqi repeatedly falsely condemns Israel for “horror inflicted on Gaza this summer” and falsely tweets: “nowhere was safe in Gaza this summer. there was nowhere to hide…the bombings continued day and night.”  Farooqi never explains or mentions that Hamas is responsible for the horrors of Gaza, or Hamas’s 19,000 rocket attacks on Israel’s citizens, and never mentions Israel’s unprecedented steps to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza (including Israel’s multiple warnings to civilians prior to bombing Hamas rocket installations) – even while Hamas rockets constantly rained down on innocent Israeli civilians.


Farooqi also praises Gazan “resistance” (a well-known euphemism for Hamas and other Palestinian-Arab attacks on innocent Israeli civilians) and retweets: “Every movement exercises a range of acts of resistance.” 


Farooqi also voices support for anti-Israel, anti-Semitic BDS, tweeting “I don’t oppose any form of nonviolent Palestinian protest, including BDS.”  J Street provides de facto support for BDS by, among other things, honoring, featuring and bringing BDS movement leaders to J Street conferences and college campuses.


Farooqi also implies that Palestinian-Arabs terrorists who were caught, tried and convicted for committing multiple murders of Israeli civilians are innocent saints, with retweets such as: “You know where the Palestinian Gandhi is?  In Israeli prison.”


Farooqi’s unremitting stream of hostile-to-Israel tweets and retweets is similar to the J Street parent organization’s continued anti-Israel public statements and positions, which liberal Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz examined and described as follows:  “I went back and I read every single J Street press release from the first day of its existence.  I could not find a single one of them that praised Israel.   How can you be a pro-Israel organization and never express any pro-Israel views?  It is actually shocking to me.  Every press release seems to have a negative about Israel.”


Farooqi, just like her parent organization J Street, also promotes the catastrophic Iran deal that enables Iran to obtain nuclear weapons and hundreds of billions of dollars to carry out Iran’s genocidal plans to destroy the Jewish State.   See ZOA’s recent press release detailing J Street’s financial and other connections to an apparent Iranian regime lobbying organization.  Farooqi also retweets twisted blame-Israel-for-everthing absurdities about Iran such as:  “The great hope of Bibi is that the Ayatollah will not give up even one centrifuge.”


ZOA President Morton Klein stated:


“J Street U’s new anti-Israel president, Amna Farooqi – who apparently supports the Hamas terrorist organization over Israel, supports violence against Israeli Jews (which she labels “resistance”) supports anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions, and promotes ugly lies against the Jewish State of Israel and her leaders – makes clear that J Street no longer has any right to claim to be “pro-Israel, pro-peace.”

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