ZOA Key Factor in Historic Center-Right Victories at World Zionist Congress
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October 23, 2020

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) was a key factor in the major historic center-right victories at the World Zionist Congress this week.  The ZOA congratulates new WZO Chair Yaakov Hagoel and praises the ZOA Coalition delegates, alternates, and every member of the ZOA Coalition slate for their dedicated hard work and involvement that were vital to the groundbreaking center-right, pro-Israel victories made at the World Zionist Congress this week.  (See The Right-Wing, Religious-Zionist and Ultra-Orthodox Bloc of the World Zionist Congress Took Control of the Major Zionist Organizations, other than Jewish Agency,” by Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, Oct. 22, 2020.)

The ZOA is also proud that our national president, Morton A. Klein, gave the inspiring closing plenary speech and then introduced new WZO chair Yaakov Hagoel. 

The center-right wing bloc, of which ZOA Coalition is a substantial and vital part, prevailed in the World Zionist Congress elections earlier this year, and thus was entitled to prevail in allocation of National Institution positions.  (See Right Wing ZOA Coalition & Orthodox Win Majority of Delegates in World Zionist Congress.”)   

ZOA is proud of the strong leadership and advocacy in this year’s World Zionist Congress’ resolution committees by ZOA Coalition’s delegates (in alphabetical order): Chanoch Eli Berman; Liz Berney, Esq.; Rabbi Steven Burg; Richard Chalmé; Russell Feder; Judy Freedman Kadish; Morton Klein; Mark Levenson, Esq.; Steve Orlow, Esq.; Anna Peckerman; Daniella Pomeranc; Rabbi Yitzchok Tendler; and Abe Zeines.  Special thanks to Russell Feder for making his office available for ZOA Coalition delegate caucus meetings.  The ZOA Coalition delegates improved many of the resolutions, including expanding Aliyah programs.  ZOA’s demands also helped remove J Street from a left wing education resolution.

Many ZOA Coalition alternates and other slate members also played important roles for the World Zionist Congress this week, and the World Likud convention several weeks ago, including: sharing their wisdom; formulating resolutions; participating in our early morning caucus and other meetings, and serving as delegates to the World Likud Convention.  ZOA Coalition’s activists include (but are certainly not limited to) to above-mentioned delegates as well as: Rabbi Shimon Margolin, Dr. Gene Berkovich, Ben Kogan, Khandan Kalaty, Valeria Chazin, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Nachman Mostofsky, Dov and Shani Hikind, Brooke Goldstein, Siggy Flicker, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Victor Naar, Boaz Bagbag, Hannah Katz, Rubin Margules, Oren Atias, Rabbi Dr. Mark Goldfeder, Ross Den, Jonathan Rubin, Vlad Lipkin, Dana Brody, Esq., Richie Allen, Sylvia Einhorn, Esq., Matan Shamir, Michael Joshua, Almog Maman, Ken Sachs, Shira Lewis, Gad Epelbaum, Rabbi Reuven Khaskin, Rachele Kirschner, Rabbi Moshe Weisblum, Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld, Dr. Alan Mazurek, Kevin Ross, Joel Griffith, Bryan Leib, and so many more.  

And every ZOA Coalition slate member played a vital part in our successful election efforts.  We love all our coalition members and look forward to continuing to all work together to defend the Jewish people and pro-Israel cause.

ZOA is pleased to congratulate World Likud Chairperson Yaakov Hagoel on his election last night as Chairperson of the World Zionist Organization.  Yaakov is a longtime friend of ZOA, and is an inspiring hard worker who is dedicated to the security and well-being of Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world.  

ZOA also praises Yaakov Hagoel and MK Miki Zohar for the many sleepless days and nights they spent to conclude difficult negotiations at the World Zionist Congress, in the face of unfair, unprecedented, un-democratic left wing blackmail tactics.  The resulting “wall-to-wall” agreement, among all parties in the World Zionist Congress, referenced above, contained important and historic gains for our bloc.  (See above J Post article; and “ZOA to WZO — Don’t Give in to Left Wing Blackmail &Threats at World Zionist Congress, Too Much Is at Stake“; and “ZOA Urges Left Wing Groups/Others – Stop Rejecting Consequences of World Zionist Congress Election Results: Attempted Blackmail to Change Results is Unethical, Immoral, Unfair & Wrong.”)

ZOA also congratulates ZOA Coalition members who were elected to the World Zionist Congress Va’ad Hapoel this week:  Liz Berney (re-elected); Rabbi Steven Burg; Valeria Chazin; Mark Levenson; and Anna Peckerman.  We understand that additional members of the ZOA Coalition will be alternates to the Va’ad Hapoel, but we do not have their names yet.    

The Va’ad Hapoel (meaning “working committee”), also known as the Zionist General Council, meets in “off” (non-election) years.  At previous Va’ad Hapoel meetings, ZOA Coalition delegates initiated and obtained passage of important World Zionist Congress resolutions prioritizing funding for Aliyah; combatting BDS in all its forms, including BDS against Jews living in Judea and Samaria; promoting usage of the correct terms “Judea and Samaria”; combatting Palestinian authority “pay to slay” payments; and more.  See here and here and here.  

ZOA also congratulates our pro-Israel allies for the gains they made in the World Zionist Congress.

ZOA looks forward to continuing to work with all of our ZOA Coalition slate members, Chairperson Yaakov Hagoel, MK Miki Zohar, and all our allies, over the next five years, for real change at the World Zionist Organization and Israel’s other National Institutions, to defend the Jewish people throughout the world, fight against the emerging and unbridled Israelophobic antisemitism, expose the truth of the Arab/Islamist war against Israel, promote positive Zionist and Jewish education, promote Aliyah, and promote the Jewish people’s rights to the land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria.  

Shabbat Shalom to all!

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