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OP-ED BY: Jacob Katz ZOA Board Member Son’s JPost Article: Why Did Princeton’s Hillel Refuse to Fly an Israeli Flag?

Editor’s Note: See Center for Jewish Life – Princeton Hillel statement below I am a sophomore at Princeton University and a veteran of the IDF. When I recently asked to hang an Israeli flag in Princeton’s Hillel house – also known as the Center for Jewish Life, “CJL” – I was greeted with anything but an enthusiastic yes.  In […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Susan B. Tuchman, Esq. ZOA’s Tuchman/Klein Wash. Examiner Oped: Many Anti-Israel Falsehoods in Obama’s Memoir Must be Fixed

Adhering to facts and historical truths is vital for any nonfiction writer, especially for high-profile writers with enormous power to shape the public’s thinking. Yet former President Barack Obama’s account of Middle East history in his recently published memoir, A Promised Land, is riddled with factual errors and misleading statements and omits material facts. Because of […]

OP-ED BY: Elizabeth A. Berney, Esq. Jerusalem Post-JCRC/Boston Attacking ZOA for Criticizing BLM’s Israel Hatred is Undeserved Abuse

In the 1930s, the great Zionist Ze’ev Jabotinsky traveled throughout Europe, warning Jews to flee to Israel from the Nazi “volcano that will soon spew out its flames of extermination.” The Jewish Left rewarded Jabotinsky’s efforts to save European Jewry by calling Jabotinsky “a Nazi.” Absurd? Horrible? Of course. Jabotinsky’s death may have been hastened […]

OP-ED BY: Yakir Benzion, United With Israel Black Supporters of Israel Blast BLM Hypocrisy on Jewish State | United with Israel

The head of a leading black organization that supports Israel said Tuesday that the Black Lives Matter movement in America has been co-opted by people who are making millions of dollars from donations and using their platform to push an anti-Israel message instead of concentrating on black rights. “We at the Institute for Black Solidarity […]

OP-ED BY: Stephen Flatow, JNS What Is It With J Street and Antisemites, Incl. Supporting Carter, Sarsour, James Baker? JNS, Stephen Flatow

(April 15, 2021 / JNS) Why does J Street keep honoring and defending individuals who have made antisemitic remarks? The latest is former President Jimmy Carter, who will receive an award from J Street at its upcoming convention on April 18. I’m not saying that Carter’s numerous attacks on Israel—as ugly and unfair as they […]

OP-ED BY: Isi Leibler, Jerusalem Post The Resurgence of the Zionist Organization of America

(NOVEMBER 30, 2011 / JERUSALEM POST) I recently had the fascinating experience of attending the 114th national anniversary dinner of the Zionist Organization of America in New York. Close to 800 participants (including 100 student activists) from throughout the US gathered at New York City’s Hyatt Hotel to pay tribute to ZOA leader Morton Klein […]

OP-ED BY: Susan B. Tuchman, Esq. and Morton A. Klein ZOA Op-Ed in JNS – President Biden: Secure Justice for American Victims of Tamimi’s Terrorism

The American terror victims of the 2001 suicide bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem have never gotten the justice they deserve. U.S. law authorizes the prosecution and punishment of a terrorist who murders Americans abroad. Yet the mastermind of the Sbarro bombing, Ahlam Tamimi, lives openly and freely in Jordan, and is treated like a […]

OP-ED BY: Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart News ZOA Quoted: Samantha Power Faces Opposition for USAID Post Over Anti-Israel Record, ‘Unmasking’

Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, President Joe Biden’s pick to be Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), faces opposition over her anti-Israel record, including fateful lame-duck vote in 2016 to abstain from a UN Security Council Resolution declaring the Israeli presence in Jerusalem illegal, allowing it to pass. Traditionally, the U.S. had […]

OP-ED BY: David Isaac, World Israel News ZOA’s Klein Quoted – World Israel News: Where’s the Outrage? U.S. Jewish Groups Mum on Anti-Israel Pentagon Pick

“Pro-Israel groups launch blitz against Kahl nomination for top Pentagon job,” read the Jewish News Syndicate headline on March 15. The headline isn’t untrue. The problem is that there were just two groups, one of them Christian. How’s that line go again “If I am not for myself…”? There should have been a chorus of protest from […]

OP-ED JPost Op-Ed: ZOA’s Klein/Tuchman: Far-left Jewish Groups’ Opposition of IHRA’s Antisemitism Hurts Us

Even during this pandemic, when many college students are learning remotely and are not on campus, antisemitic harassment is still a serious problem. Much of it continues to be perpetrated by the anti-Israel hate group that calls itself “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP). Recently, SJP bullied a Jewish student at Tufts University, threatening him with a disciplinary […]