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ZOA ‘s Klein Quoted in Article about Court Verdict that PA Responsible for Murdering Jews

Palestinian efforts towards statehood and international legitimacy took a hit this week, with US jurors blaming Palestinian officials for terror attacks in Israel that killed or wounded American citizens a decade ago. A New York civil court decision to award $218.5m in damages against the Palestinian leadership was a major setback in a battle against […]

ZOA Op-ed: Israel Has Overcome Many Disputes with US Since 1948

We are at that periodic occurrence, a crisis in Israeli/U.S. relations. This one revolves around White House pique over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation by House Speaker, John Boehner, to address the U.S. Congress on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, an issue on which the White House and Jerusalem have been divided […]

ZOA President Mort Klein Letter to the Editor in HAARETZ: U.S. Jews Worry About a Nuclear Iran

In response to How dare Netanyahu speak in the name of America’s Jews? February 9, 2015 Bradley Burston asserts that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not voicing the concerns of American Jews on Iran, but this is actually untrue. Mr. Netanyahu will be echoing the thoughts and concerns of the majority of American Jews when […]

JPOST Article Quoting ZOA About Netanyahu Speech to Congress

Obama determinedly pursues his policy of appeasement, which may enable the world’s most dangerous terrorist state to become a nuclear threshold power, there are Israelis and American Jews who have initiated a campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The campaign calling for the maintenance of bipartisanship toward Israel is in reality undermining the hitherto strong […]

ZOA Op-ed in Jewish Exponent About Iran Nukes

Ten Senate Democrats who had persistently expressed concern over President Barack Obama’s concessionary policy toward Iran over its nuclear weapons program recently wrote to the president that they would postpone seeking new sanctions legislation in the event of a failure of nuclear talks. Under reportedly enormous pressure from the White House, the senators said they […]

Times of Israel Article: ZOA Criticizes Jewish Groups for Opposing or Silence on Netanyahu Iran Speech

The right-wing Zionist Organization of America suggested Monday that some American-Jewish groups’ behavior surrounding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address to Congress is similar to that of the “Jewish leaders of the 1930s,” in reference to the lack of unity and organization in the American-Jewish community in the years leading up to and during the […]

ZOA Op-ed About Obama and Iranian Nukes in Front Page Magazine

Last week, 10 Senate Democrats who had persistently expressed concern over President Barack Obama’s concessionary policy to Iran over its nuclear weapons program, announced via a letter to the President that they would desist from seeking to pass new legislation to reimpose sanctions in the event of a failure in nuclear talks. Under reportedly enormous pressure […]

Article Stating ZOA Attempt to Stop Anti-Israel Fundraiser

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Students for Justice in Palestine’s (SJP) Chicago network successfully hosted a fundraising dinner for Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh at DePaul University. The event had an overwhelming turnout despite the snow, security issues, and threats from opposition groups. More than 200 guests packed the Student Center’s largest venue to support Rasmea […]

OP-ED BY: Morton Klein and Liz Berney ZOA Op-ed in Israel’s Largest Newspaper Correcting Falsehood About WZC Elections

Harold Goldmeier’s article on the World Zionist Congress elections, “Making the WZO Relevant Again,” falsely claims that the Zionist Organization of America filed election complaints to disqualify slates that “even merely favor” a Palestinian state or take positions that are “not to ZOA’s liking.” Although the ZOA is opposed to a terrorist Palestinian Arab state, […]

European Jewish News Article About Brussels Anti-Semitism Conference that ZOA’s Klein Keynoted

The Conference for Countering anti-Semitism was a three-day conference held in Brussels from 5 — 7 December. The conference was organised by Eitan Behar, Director of The Centre for Diaspora Communications and Countering anti-Semitism which is a body of The World Zionist Organization and currently falls under the leadership of Yaakov Hagoel. The conference started […]