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ZOA/CAMERA Campaigns Against Pittsburgh Gazette Anti Israel Bias

Jewish groups singled out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for rebuke, calling the daily newspaper out for purported anti-Israel bias in its editorials. In a letter addressed to Post-Gazette publisher and editor-in-chief John R. Block, executive editor David Shribman and Allan J. Block, chairman of Block Communications, which owns the paper, the Zionist Organization of America-Pittsburgh District […]

ZOA Campus Staffer Article in Pittsburgh Paper About Shocking Anti-Semitism at U. of Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine plans to host an event on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls this year on Thursday. The purpose of this event is not to commemorate the Holocaust but rather to vandalize the day by painting Israelis as modern-day Nazis. This perverse ahistorical comparison fits squarely […]

JPost: ZOA is Rare Jewish Group Condemning Attacks on Netanyahu Speaking to Congress

The announcement of the Lausanne joint statement concerning the framework of the US deal with Iran highlighted the extent of President Barack Obama’s subterfuge and deception. We also witnessed the blatant contempt of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who rejected key components of the “agreements” and referred to America’s “devilish” objectives while his audience […]

Michigan ZOA Officer Letter in Detroit Jewish News and Press Release for Tuchman Michigan Talk

Congress Needs to Vote on Any Iran Agreement History has a way of repeating itself, as people have not internalized the lessons of history. In 1925 the Locarno Treaty was signed by Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France permanently demilitarizing the Rhine River Valley. In 1936 Hitler marched several battalions into the Rhine Valley and […]

ZOA’s Klein Quoted on Israel Nat’l News about Disgraceful Peace Now Message

A far-left American Jewish organization has drawn angry condemnation in both Israel and from withing the US Jewish community, over a campaign in which it brands Jews living in Judea and Samaria as “a plague.” Americans for Peace Now (APN) is the sister organization of the Israel-based Peace Now, a mainly foreign-funded NGO which advocates […]

NY Times Article Quotes ZOA on Menendez Critique of Iran

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. — Senator Robert Menendez spoke in a level, matter-of-fact tone, but his words were grave. Anti-Semitism is on the march around the world, he said. Negotiations with Iran, he warned, have reached “the witching hour,” with the security of both the United States and Israel at stake. Addressing a Sunday morning crowd […]

NY Times Quotes ZOA’s Mort Klein about James Baker Speech at J Street

The warnings trickled in soon after an announcement began circulating last month that James A. Baker III, the former diplomat who is now a foreign policy adviser to Jeb Bush, would be a featured speaker at a conference hosted by J Street, the liberal pro-Israel advocacy organization. It could be problematic, conservative donors and Israel […]

ZOA Quoted in JNS Article on Jeb Bush Nod to James Baker

Former secretary of state James Baker, a prominent figure in president George H. W. Bush’s administration and a critic of the Israeli government’s policies, is under fire from conservatives and pro-Israel activists for his decision to speak at the annual conference of the left-wing J Street lobby. But should the pro-Israel community’s concern extend to […]