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Somalia’s Muslim Jihad at Sea – Another Way to Raise Money for Terrorist Warriors on Land

Somalia‘s Muslim jihad at sea Another way to raise money for terrorist warriors on land By Joshua E. London | Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Following the recent rescue by Navy SEALS of Capt. Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage by Muslim pirates off the coast of Somalia last week, the Justice Department is contemplating what […]

Author: Somali Pirates Tied To Radical Islam

        Author: Somali Pirates Tied To Radical Islam   By Adam Dickter   04/22/2009 The pirates menacing international shipping off the coast of Somalia are “jihadists” with ties to radical Islam, including al Qaeda,  says Joshua London, author of “Victory in Tripoli: How America’s War with the Barbary Pirates Established the U.S. […]

Chas Freeman’s Saudi & Chinese Connections the Issue — Not the Israel Lobby

27 March 2009   Chas Freeman’s Saudi & Chinese Connections The Issue – Not The Israel Lobby By Daniel Mandel The withdrawal by career diplomat Chas W. Freeman from his appointment as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) has been depicted largely as the work of the pro-Israel lobby. Reports in the New York […]

Mort Klein Interview: Challenge is Cultural, Not Land Legacy

  MARCH 13. 2009 ZOA’s Mort Klein: Challenge is Cultural, Not Land Legacy Mort Klein, well known in Washington for his strong support of Israel, shown here in front of the capital. BY MAXINE DOVERE For decades, Mort Klein has been an ardent and astute commentator in support of Israel. His long term leadership of […]

ZOA Lobbies Capitol Hill

  ZOA lobbies Capitol Hill March 31, 2009 WASHINGTON (JTA) — More than 250 Zionist Organization of America activists urged Congress to tighten sanctions on Iran and place conditions on U.S. aid to the Palestinians. The organization urged U.S. House of Representatives members and senators to make Palestinians comply with commitments to “end incitement and […]

Flap Over Use Of U.S. Tax Exemption To Help Settlements

      Flap over use of U.S. tax exemption to help settlements By Eric Fingerhut · March 31, 2009 WASHINGTON (JTA) — Could a U.S. tax exemption be helping to hold back peace? A top Washington columnist suggested that last week, and an Arab-American organization is asking the Treasury Department to investigate the tax-exemption […]

Zionist Organization’s New Mormon Director

March 3, 2009Zionist Organization’s New Mormon DirectorQ&A With Mark ParedesBy Brad A. Greenberg Mark Paredes. Photo by Dan Kacvinski Mark Paredes, who served as the American Jewish Congress’ director of Latino outreach until Dec. 31 and before that was press attaché for the Israeli Consulate, is not Jewish. In fact, he’s a local leader in […]

Jerusalem Post – One on One Interview with Morton Klein

One on One: ‘American Jews grasp the reality of the situation much more than they ever did’ Feb. 25, 2009Ruthie Blum Leibowitz , THE JERUSALEM POST Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) national president Morton Klein is not known for his optimism in the face of the Middle East conflict. Nor does he mince words when […]

What Israel’s Election Means For U.S. Jews

      February 13, 2009   What Israel’s Election Means For U.S. Jews   What Israel’s razor-close national elections mean to American Jews   Neil RubinEditor   Rabbi Charles Arian was shocked by last Tuesday’s Israeli national elections even before the stunning results were announced. “It was totally under the radar screen,” said the […]

Talk To Hamas? Read Its Charter Instead

      Letter Fri. Feb 13, 2009  Talk To Hamas? Read Its Charter Instead Amjad Atallah argues that America should support a policy of speaking to all elected Palestinian representatives, meaning Hamas as well as Fatah. Apparently, he fails to understand that there is no Israeli or American obligation to deal with a group […]