The Dangers of a Palestinian State: ZOA Archives
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February 1, 2024

A Palestinian State Would Endanger the Entire World, Starting With Israel.

ZOA Condemns 49 Senate Democrats’ Palestinian State Amendment Endangering Israel, Rewarding Hamas’ Massacre/Raping Jews (January, 2024)

Biden and Blinken’s Absurd, Dangerous Plans for a Palestinian Arab State Run by Terrorist Dictator Abbas — ZOA’s Mort Klein’s JNS Op-Ed (January, 2024)

The Dangers of a Palestinian Arab State Are Truer Than Ever (2022)

Israel National News – Texas Republican Platform ‘Prohibits’ Palestinian State (2022)

MK Naftali Bennett to ZOA Mtg: Palestinian State Would Be ‘Biggest Mistake’ – Jewish Journal

ZOA: 21 Israeli Knesset Members Oppose Recently Passed House Anti-BDS Resolution Supporting Palestinian State (2019)

ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Representative to Reject House Bill Calling for a “Palestinian State” (2019)

ZOA’s Klein in Breitbart: World Leaders Ignore Dangers of Palestinian State (2018)

A Palestinian State Would Be Another Arab Terrorist State (2018)

ZOA Op-Ed: The Impossible Deal – A Palestinian Arab State Solution (2017)

Abbas Admits Rejecting Olmert Generous Offer of Palestinian State Without Counter-Offer (2015)

Palestinian State Would Be Terrorist State – 80% Support Terror, Hamas In Poll (2014)

ZOA to President Obama: Condemn PLO Ambassador Statement – No Jews Allowed in Palestinian State (2011)

P.A.’s Abbas Reiterates – “We Won’t Agree to the Presence of One Israeli” in Palestinian State (2010)

PA’s Erekat: No Jews Allowed In Palestinian State – PA Need Not Hurry, Israel Keeps Offering More (2009)

ZOA Criticizes Obama For Linking Palestinian/Iran Issue; Opposing Right Of Jews To Live In Judea/Samaria; Supporting Palestinian State (2009)

Forget About a Palestinian State, But Blame the PA (2015)

Teaching Them Terror

P.A.’s Abbas Reiterates – “We Won’t Agree to the Presence of One Israeli” in Palestinian State (2010)

MYTH: A Palestinian-Arab State Created Today would be Peaceful

  • ZOA Director of Government Relations Dan Pollak appeared on Newsmax TV to deliver his exclusive insight regarding Iran, the U.S., Israel, and more.
  • Newsmax TV: ZOA’s Mort Klein Condemns Biden’s Animus Toward Israel as Sinister, Unrelated to Election & More
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