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OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel Op-Ed: Hizbollah’s Massive Missile Build-Up Endangers Israel

One day not perhaps not far off, there will be another war between Israel and Hizballah, the Iranian terrorist proxy in Lebanon. One might assume that any future clash will be similar to past ones –– Israel struck by disruptive and occasionally lethal rocket attacks, and intense but limited hostilities over days or weeks, leading […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Liz Berney, Esq. Why Does the ADL Continue to Hinder Anti-BDS Efforts?

The anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (“BDS”) campaign is hateful, anti-Semitic economic activity that is designed to delegitimize, economically destroy and culturally and academically isolate the Jewish state. Pro-Israel groups need to work together to combat the BDS onslaught, using every tool at our disposal — including legal action and anti-BDS laws — to curtail discriminatory […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein ZOA LA Jewish Journal Oped: Israeli Officials Name-Calling Aids BDS and Israels Enemies

Israeli leaders are shooting themselves in their PR foot. There is something wrong with the tone and language of political debate in Israel. It would seem from the events of recent days –– in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought Avigdor Lieberman, head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, into the governing coalition, replacing Moshe Ya’alon as […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel ZOA Op-Ed on Obama Support for PA State in UN

Does President Obama intend to permit the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to pass a resolution criticizing or condemning Israel for the “settlements” –– the Jewish communities in the West Bank –– as illegal or an obstacle to peace and calling for peace agreement encompassing a Palestinian state? It depends which Obama Administration officials one […]

OP-ED BY: Elizabeth Berney, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed on CUNY Anti-Semitism and SJP

I’d like to publicly thank our New York State senator, Jack Martins, for his important role in protecting Jewish and other students from harassment, intimidation and violence perpetrated by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-American hate group “Students for Justice in Palestine,” on City University of New York campuses.  Many students who live in our local community […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein, Susan B. Tuchman, Esq., and Zach Stern ZOA Op-Ed on CUNY SJP Anti-Semitism

Campus anti-Semitism is a growing national problem and frighteningly, it has infected The City University of New York (CUNY), historically a haven for Jews and other minorities seeking an excellent, affordable college education.  We work closely with students and others at CUNY and implore the leadership to finally fix the problem before the verbal violence […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein ZOA Op-Ed: Arab Terrorism Responsible for Pew Finding on Transfer

The recent Pew Research Center study finding that about half of Israeli Jews favor transferring Arabs from Israel reveals the fear, frustration and misery that Israeli Jews feel after being subjected to decades of Arab terrorist attacks that have killed and maimed thousands of innocents. Even 54 percent of Masorti (traditional) Israeli Jews and 36 percent of […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel ZOA Op-Ed in JPOST: Both Labor and Likud Now Oppose Palestinian State

In a recent Knesset debate, despite the customary efforts of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Labor Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog to differentiate their political positions, it emerged that actually both oppose creating a Palestinian state under prevailing conditions.    Prime Minister Netanyahu’s position on this is well-known ever since he stated as much last year, in the […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein ZOA Op-Ed in Jewish News on Booker’s Guest, Shedeed

Rabbi Clifford Kulwin naively and wrongly claims that Ahmed Shedeed, president of the Islamic Center of New Jersey, whom U.S. Sen. Cory Booker brought as his guest to the State of the Union address, “is precisely the kind of Muslim we Jews should be praising, and reaching out to.” (“The kind of Muslim leader we […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein & Susan Tuchman, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed in J Weekly: Double Standard Prevails Amid Threats to U.C. Berkeley Jews

After years of urging the University of California Board of Regents to take a strong stand against campus anti-Semitism, the regents will soon be issuing a statement that will hopefully address the problem in a meaningful way. But as regent Bonnie Reiss eloquently stated at the board’s November meeting, the hostile climate for Jewish students […]