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OP-ED BY: Mark Levenson, Esq. and Elizabeth Berney, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed: Shmuley Boteach Hypocritically Praises Holocaust-Minimizing Polish Leader — Lies about Jewish Leaders Qatar Visits

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has once again displayed mind-boggling hypocrisy. Boteach went to Poland and met with and lavished praise on Poland’s prime minister, who recently signed a despicable law that criminalizes speaking about Poles’ complicity in the Holocaust, which Israel rightly condemned. In doing so, Boteach quite possibly harmed Israeli and others efforts to overturn this […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Elizabeth Berney, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed in JNS Condemning Natalie Portman’s Shameful Remarks on Israel

When you truly love a person or a country, you are extremely grateful for those people who help and protect that person; you appreciate the brave young soldiers who protect the country you love. But for Natalie Portman—like others on the extreme, frightened left—“loving” and “caring for” Israel means vilifying and demonizing those who risk […]

OP-ED BY: SUSAN B. TUCHMAN AND ALAN D. JAY ZOA Op-Ed in JNS: Rutgers Must Discipline Anti-Semitic Professor

Rutgers University held a day-long program last month on “Fighting Hate While Preserving Freedom: A Best Practices Forum.” Under President Robert Barchi’s leadership, a number of distinguished speakers talked about fighting back against hatred, including anti-Semitism, without infringing on the right to free speech. Forums like this one can be useful, but talk is no […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein, Susan B. Tuchman, Esq., and David Schoen, Esq. JNS: ZOA Op-Ed – U.S. Government Supports the Terrorists, and Not the Victims, in Lawsuit

Victims of international terrorism suffered a terrible blow this week when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization, a case brought by American citizens killed or injured in terrorist attacks committed in the early 2000s in Israel by the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority. It was the last […]

OP-ED BY: Lee Bender ZOA Op-Ed in JPost: Why Left-Wing Jews Should Support Israel

Professor Alan Dershowitz is undoubtedly correct when he argues: If you are in favor of women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights, civil rights, a robust free press, independent judiciary, high quality education and health care, then there is only one place in the Middle East that shares these “progressive values,” and that is Israel. Certainly […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein ZOA’s Klein in JNS: Israel’s Right to UN Security Council Seat Harmed By Germany Reneging Agreement

It is not news that the United Nations has long been an organization characterized by an intense institutional bias against Israel. Reflecting, as it must, the policies and prejudices of the majority of its non-democratic membership, the United Nations’s major bloc is the so-called Non-Aligned movement, which, in turn, is dominated by the 57-member Organization […]

OP-ED BY: Mark Levenson JNS Op-Ed: Shmuley Boteach Honors Qatar-Praising Treasury Sec’y – Yet Condemns Jews Who Made Demands of Qatar

Shmuley Boteach has written numerous recent articles, tweets and ads condemning and calling out top pro-Israel Jewish and Zionist leaders for meeting Qatari officials, even though they were simply making demands on Qatar to change its policies towards Israel and the Jewish people. Yet last week, in contradiction of this “principled” stance, he honored and gave […]

OP-ED BY: Daniel Pollak, ZOA Government Relations Co-Director Op-Ed: A Zionist Captain Amongst the British Mandate Army

From remarks delivered on June 25th, 2017, at the 73rd memorial Ceremony for Major General Orde Wingate, at Arlington National Cemetery, where he is interred. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are different than other armies. Their tactics often involve unexpected solutions to standard problems, and their junior officers lead from the front at all times, […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein Mort Klein Op-Ed in Breitbart: AIPAC Loses Credibility by Perpetuating ‘Two-State Solution’ Myth

When America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) CEO Howard Kohr, addressing AIPAC’s Policy Conference this past week, called for establishing a Palestinian Arab state, he inadvertently exposed a decades-old myth: that AIPAC only supports all policies of the Israeli government. Kohr unequivocally stated: “We must all work toward that future: two states for two peoples … One Jewish with secure and […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein, ZOA National President ZOA’s Klein Breitbart Op-Ed: Abbas’ Grotesque UN Speech Proves He’s Enemy of Peace

Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations Security Council this week, reiterating a farrago of falsehoods and distortions that underscore his lack of interest in a genuine peace with Israel. From first to last, Abbas relied on inventing or revising history, tampering with facts and data, making misleading statements, and engaging in […]