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JNS: “ZOA‘s Support for Israel Far More Robust, Uncompromising, Outspoken Than Other Mainstream Jewish Groups”

Should Jewish communal organizations aim to achieve consensus above all or bear witness to the truth? Both in the Diaspora and in Israel, Jews are divided over politics, religion and worldview. These arguments, moreover, generally carry an emotionally fraught sub-text; that the opposing side threatens to undermine Jewish security and the existence of the Jewish […]

JNS: Hundreds on Webinar Discussing ZOA Opposition to HIAS Chair Dianne Lob Becoming Conf. of President’s Chair

The Zionist Organization of America hosted a webinar on Monday evening about the recent controversy over the new chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Featured were ZOA national president Mort Klein and chairman Mark Levenson, who talked in detail about concerns regarding former HIAS chair Dianne Lob, who was elected on April […]

JPost: ZOA criticizes Biden’s call to restore funding to terrorist Palestinian Authority

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), a prominent group associated with the right-wing of the Zionist movement, criticized former vice president and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s suggestion to resume US funding of the Palestinian Authority (PA), arguing that it violates American law, according to a Cleveland Jewish News report.  “It is utterly immoral to fund […]

LA Jewish Journal: Has HIAS Disowned Its Jewishness and Partnered with Anti-Israel Groups?

Jewish-run nonprofit HIAS, which resettles refugees, has come under fire from Jewish groups, especially the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), which alleges HIAS is in bed with figures and organizations associated with anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. The Jewish Journal spoke with HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield and ZOA president Morton Klein about some of the accusations against […]

LA Jewish Journal: Why Did HIAS Move Away from Helping Jews?

After six weeks of writing only about the coronavirus, finally, I can sink my teeth into a good-old-fashioned Jewish controversy. The controversy, as I see it, is this: For a Jewish organization such as HIAS, what is the appropriate balance between helping Jews versus non-Jews? The issue caught my eye because of a related controversy: […]

Joe Biden Accepts Soros-Funded J Street’s Endorsement, Revealing His Ugly Anti-Israel Side – American Thinker

This past April 17th, Democratic Party frontrunner and presumptive presidential candidate, Joe Biden, enthusiastically accepted J Street’s endorsement for the upcoming presidential election. The endorsement read as follows: “At a time” when the threats to our core values both at home and abroad have never been more serious, all of us in the pro-Israel, pro-peace community know that […]

Israel Hayom: Lob’s Hostile (but disarming) Takeover

Apparently, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is sensitive to criticism. Over the past week, it received enormous – and well-deserved – flak after it announced the decision of its nominating committee to select former HIAS chairman Dianne Lob to serve as the Conference’s next chairman. In what is largely viewed as […]

JNS: Bylaw violations, strong-arming alleged in nomination of new Conference of Presidents chair

Opponents of the recent nomination of Dianne Lob as the next chairperson of the Conference of Presidents charge that the nomination of the former HIAS chairwoman to the Conference’s top position was made following multiple violations of both the letter and spirit of detailed organizational bylaws. A widely distributed letter to Conference leadership and member […]

American Jewry’s Organizational Crack-Up by Wrong New Chair

Last week an event occurred will be remembered as a key moment in the disintegration of organized American Jewish support for Israel and American Jewish organizational life itself. Last Friday, the leaders of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations announced that the Conference’s nominating committee had selected Dianne Lob, the immediate past […]

JPost: ZOA Against Conf of Pres. Chair Nominee Who Headed HIAS, Which Brings Muslim Refugees, Not Jews to America

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) spoke out against the nomination of Dianne Lob as the next chairwoman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (COP). Lob was previously the chairwoman of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which has worked with anti-Israel groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations […]