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Ha’aretz Corrects Article Wrongly Blaming Israel for Boy’s Death

Following communication from Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew branch, Ha’aretz has corrected a column by Anshel Pfeffer which had wrongly blamed Israel for the death of four-year-old Gazan Mahmoud Sadallah.

Ha’aretz Lost in Translation: Whitewashing a Stabbing

Ha’aretz‘s translators again downplay Palestinian violence, this time transforming the stabbing of Yael Shalom into an “assault,” her 20-something-year-old Palestinian assailant into an “Arab teen,” and one of his weapons, a crowbar, into a “stick.”

Hamas’ Smuggling Tunnels and What National Geographic Does Not Want You to Know

Following Hamas’ use of long-range missiles to target Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, National Geographic editors chose to run a partisan article glorifying Palestinian smugglers while ignoring their malignant role in Iran/Hamas’ war against Israel.

Jihadist-turned-Zionist, like book that changed his mind, makes Israel Case

NEW YORK‒In 2000, as a young teenager on a trip to Pakistan to visit family, Muslim ex-radical Kasim Hafeez saw violence praised and “learned� that America, the Jews, and Israel were behind all wars and world difficulties.

Salama, Shalamah, Shamalah, Shamallakh… and Why David Carr is Wrong Regardless

The many criticisms of a recent New York Times article by David Carr might feel like a confusing blur of names. But regardless of whose name is spelled how, the reporter did a dramatic disservice to readers by ignoring facts and context in his indictment of Israel.

Israel’s Right to Defend Itself: Response to Ms. Vahidy’s Op-ed Piece

Ms. Vahidy’s outrage should be with Hamas, not Israel. Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of the sins that Vahidy details. Hamas is guilty of the very extremism Vahidy criticizes. The Hamas charter and Hamas preachers and spokespeople clearly state tha …

Jon Lovitz Understands What Some Christian Peacemakers Do Not

Comedian Jon Lovitz demonstrated a greater capacity for moral discernment and reasoning than some Christian peacemakers during the Pillar of Defense Operation.

Backgrounder: The Palestinian "Non-Member State" Drive at the UN

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas plans to gravely violate the Oslo Accords and move towards statehood by getting the United Nations to upgrade the PA’s status to “non-member state.”

CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction: ‘Palestinian Journalist’ Was Islamic Jihad

Following communication from CAMERA staff, the Los Angeles Times has clarified an article which wrongly identified Ramez Harb, an Islamic Jihad leader killed last week in an Israeli air strike, as a “Palestinian journalist.”

The Hamas leader who was killed by a Tweet

For such an evil man, Hamas leader Ahmad Jabri, it was the ultimate – and deserved – indignity. He became the first terrorist mastermind to be killed by a Tweet.