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CAMERA’s Letter to the Editor in USA TODAY

USA TODAY (“Netanyahu’s arrogance threatens peace prospects,” December 6) blamed Israel and its prime minister, instead of repeated Palestinian rejections, for the absence of peace. CAMERA’s December 11 letter to the editor spotlights the editorial’s pretzel logic.

Why Stand with Israel?: A Call for Context

Imagine a siren wailing. You have 15 seconds to gather your loved ones and dash to the nearest bomb shelter. 15 seconds, this is all the warning you have to evade imminent danger. 15 seconds—anytime, anywhere, the countdown could commence. Can l …

CAMERA Prompts New York Times Corrections on Effect of E1 Corridor

In response to discussion with CAMERA staff, The New York Times corrected inaccurate claims about the E1 corridor cutting off Palestinian cities from Jerusalem and bisecting the West Bank.

Media Embrace E1 Falsehoods

Instead of investigating activist claims that the building in E1 bisects the West Bank and cuts off access to Jerusalem, much of the media has simply echoed the false accusations.

CAMERA Prompts CNN Correction on Soccer Petition

Following communication from CAMERA staff, CNN has corrected and clarified inaccurate claims that a soccer star signed on to an inaccurate anti-Israel petition.

CAMERA Letter in Baltimore Sun Responds to Unfair Criticism of Israel

A Baltimore Sun Op-Ed, using Israel’s “Pillar of Defense” operation against Hamas as news peg, blamed Israel for a host of Middle East ills. CAMERA’s letter to the editor “Criticism of Israel ignores the facts” set the record straight.

Gaza conflict divides KSU students

Middle Eastern conflict hit home last week as students held demonstrations at Kent State to educate the campus community about continuous fighting between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

UPDATED: CNN Duped by Anti-Israel Soccer Petition

Everything about CNN’s claim that soccer star Didier Drogba joined 61 other players to protest the killing of Gaza teens playing soccer is false. Drogba signed nothing, there were fewer than 62 signatories to the petition, and Israel didn’t kill 4 people playing soccer. UPDATE: CNN has corrected.

Sun Sentinel Columnist Gets Facts Wrong

Pierre Tristam gets a number of facts wrong in an op-ed published in Florida’s Sun Sentinel. He falsely claims Gazans can’t fish in the Mediterranean (they can) and that they cannot trade with the outside world. They do.

New CAMERA Monograph: Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

A new monograph about CAMERA’s six-month study of The New York Times details how the newspaper treats Israel with a harsher standard, omits context, and shows a clear preference for the Palestinian narrative.