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Appointment of Power Angers Some Jews

Feb. 5, 2009Hilary Leila Krieger, the jerusalem post, washington , THE JERUSALEM POST US President Barack Obama faced a host of personnel problems this week, as two top appointees bowed out because of unpaid income taxes and another pick distressed some in the Jewish community. Samantha Power, a Harvard University genocide expert and former Obama […]

US Envoy Won’t Meet With Hamas, Stop In Syria ME Trip

      US envoy won’t meet with Hamas, stop in Syria ME trip Jan. 26, 2009 By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER AND ALLISON HOFFMAN New US Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell will not have any contacts with Hamas nor stop in Syria during his travel to the region this week, State Department officials said […]

WSJ Christmas List

BEST OF THE WEB TODAY /JANUARY 22, 2009 By JAMES TARANTO Christmas List The Zionist Organization of America has a question for President Obama, concerning the statement in his Inaugural Address that “we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus–and nonbelievers”: What is the reason President Obama chose this sequence when listing […]

Do you owe Israelis an apology?

  Do you owe Israelis an apology?   By Ami Eden · January 21, 2009 In the wake of the recent Hamas-Israel war, two Israeli columnists and the Zionist Organization of America are calling on supporters of disengagement to apologize for the Gaza pullout in 2005. Ha’aretz columnist Nadav Shragai : Now, after the war and just […]

Fitzgerald: “A Nation of Christians and Muslims”?

By Robert Spencer January 21, 2009 Fitzgerald: “A nation of Christians and Muslims”? A nation of Christians and Muslims The Inaugural Speech was thankfully sober and unsoaring, but it contained one phrase that disturbs. That phrase is this: “The United States is a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers.” The traditional […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: The Big Question

  THE BIG QUESTION, Jan. 23: Obama’s Envoys January 23rd, 2009 The Big Question is a feature where influential lawmakers, pundits and interest group leaders give their answers to a question that’s driving discussion in news circles around the country. Today’s Big Question is: What are the odds Obama’s new envoys can make a difference […]

Morton Klein’s Memo to President Obama Re: Foreign Aid

Memo to President Obama January 15, 2009, Philadelphia Jewish Exponent                                     FOREIGN AID An Arab-Israeli peace is only possible if Palestinian society is transformed into one that genuinely supports peace with Israel. Without that, no amount of American aid or Israeli concessions will produce peace. Therefore, American support for the Palestinian Authority — $700 million a […]

ZOA Video and Radio Segments

To view these videos, please upgrade to the newest Flashplayer here           Joe Citizen Show Morton A. Klein, ZOA National President interviewed on July 4, 2011 with Joseph Sabag, Director of ZOA Florida           Fox and Friends: ZOA response to President Obama from Zionist Organization of America […]

Buchanan Maligns Israel

        Buchanan Maligns Israel Letter to the Editor Published: Thursday, January 08, 2009 To the Editor,Patrick Buchanan, though acknowledging that Hamas has been attacking Israel and that Israel’s right to defend its citizens “is not in dispute,” nonetheless manages to malign Israel for seizing “the provocation it needed to deliver a savage […]

With Obama Mostly Silent On Gaza, Dems Move To Fill Void

    By Ron Kampeas · January 6, 2009   WASHINGTON (JTA) — Silence, sometimes golden, also may be perceived as yellow. Democrats, increasingly antsy about President-elect Barack Obama’s refusal to weigh in on the Gaza war, are looking for ways to keep Republicans and other Obama critics from making an issue of his silence. […]