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Jon Lovitz Understands What Some Christian Peacemakers Do Not

Comedian Jon Lovitz demonstrated a greater capacity for moral discernment and reasoning than some Christian peacemakers during the Pillar of Defense Operation.

Backgrounder: The Palestinian "Non-Member State" Drive at the UN

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas plans to gravely violate the Oslo Accords and move towards statehood by getting the United Nations to upgrade the PA’s status to “non-member state.”

CAMERA Prompts LA Times Correction: ‘Palestinian Journalist’ Was Islamic Jihad

Following communication from CAMERA staff, the Los Angeles Times has clarified an article which wrongly identified Ramez Harb, an Islamic Jihad leader killed last week in an Israeli air strike, as a “Palestinian journalist.”

The Hamas leader who was killed by a Tweet

For such an evil man, Hamas leader Ahmad Jabri, it was the ultimate – and deserved – indignity. He became the first terrorist mastermind to be killed by a Tweet.

Acknowledging Fernando Espuelas for his actions and responces about Israel

Hispanic media personality Fernando Espuelas is in Israel this week as part of a group of Hispanic Radio Stars visiting Israel. While in Israel, Fernando posted and reported about his experiences during operation "Pillar of Defense".


Deriving from the Muslim Brotherhood and unwilling to recognize Israel’s right to exist, Hamas sees holy war as the religious duty of every Muslim. There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad, it states

Radical Islamist Turns Ardent Zionist: The Story Of Kasim Hafeez

Radical Islamist turned passionate Zionist Kasim Hafeez travels widely to tell his riveting personal story and express his defense of the Jewish state.

I can tell you where it isn’t quiet

Tell me where 18 year-olds go to college and spend their time in the library and going to parties and doing laundry at 4 am instead of fighting a war they were born into. Where children go to summer camp in the summer and school in the fall and do …

CEASEFIRE: Special update from the Israeli Embassy:

On Wednesday, at 9 pm in Israel (2 pm eastern), Israel accepted the recommendation of President Obama to give the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire a chance. Quiet will be met with quiet. If Hamas and the rest of the terrorist groups in Gaza violate …

Staying here to tell the world

My day-to-day life in Beersheba is controlled by enjoying my time here as a student – studying, working, going to parties and pubs with friends, and anything else you can think of. Last Wednesday, when Operation Pillar of Defense was launched, ou …