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The Facts About Gaza Rocket Fire

The media often present a narrative biased against Israel, counterfactual and lacking in context. This is especially true now, as the world focuses its attention on Israel and Gaza. These are the facts.

CNN’s Jim Clancy: Maligning Israel at Every Opportunity

While CNN’s Jim Clancy is clearly immersed in Middle East issues, the unfortunate reality is that in his error-filled commentary Israel can usually do no right and the Palestinians no wrong.

Updated: In Gaza, Macabre Manipulations of a Child Victim

Once again, media outlets categorically blame Israel for the death of a Palestinian child killed in “hotly disputed” circumstances. AFP and AP captions ignore information pointing to an errant Palestinian rocket as the culprit, and Reuters issues a commendable clarification.

CBS Contradiction on Gaza’s Civilian Casualties

Besides contradicting itself about Gaza’s civilian casualties, CBS also covers up Hamas’ use of human shields, downplays the sophistication of Hamas’ weaponry smuggled from Iran and Russia, and gives no indication that Hamas is a terror organization. 

The New York Times Still Spinning the News

The New York Times continues to spin the news about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through its framing and placement of stories. Take, for example, the Saturday, Nov. 17 edition.

On U.S. Radio, BBC Reporter Misinforms to Defend Hamas Use of Human Shields

One day after a BBC reporter grossly exaggerated the proportion of Palestinian civilians killed, another provides false information defend war crimes by terrorists.

The New York Times Evades the Facts to Blame Israel

The mindset at The New York Times is to indict Israel and let no facts stand in the way. This is made clear—yet again— in the newspaper’s editorial about Israel’s latest military operation to stop rocket fire. The column uses any kind of evasion to arrive at its desired message:  ”Blame Israel.”

Timeline of Gaza-Israel Cross-Border Violence

The Israeli Defense Forces “Pillar of Defense” Operation., was launched with the targeting of Ahmed Jabari, the leader of Hamas’ terrorist wing. Many media outlets, however, forget the sequence of events that led to this operation.  CAMERA provides a timeline of events. We will continue to update this timeline.

"Assassination" or "Killing"? AP’s Double Standard on Counter-Terror

When describing the CIA’s program of anti-terrorist drone strikes, the Associated Press acknowledges that critics call them assassinations, officials disagree, and avoids weighing in. But when Israel strikes, such nuance disappears.

Bennis and Smiley Bashed Israel With Distortions and Anti-Jewish Canard

Phyllis Bennis, again working at bashing Israel, teamed up with PBS’ Tavis Smiley on Oct. 11, 2012 to misinform viewers about the Jewish nation. Smiley’s show is aired daily (generally at midnight) in major cities.