October 11, 2019
News Press Release

ZOA Praises Trump Speech Condemning Cong. Omar’s Anti-Semitic, Israelophobic, Pro-Terror and Anti-US Statements

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at his re-election kickoff rally at the Amway Center, in Orlando, Fla., June 18, 2019. (Evan Vucci/AP, FILE

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and Chairman Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement:

The ZOA strongly praises President Trump for appearing in Ilhan Omar’s Congressional District and condemning Congresswoman Omar’s long, continuing record of vicious anti-Semitic, Israelophobic, pro-terrorist and anti-American statements. 

President Trump stated:

“Congresswoman Omar is an America-hating socialist. She minimized the September 11th attack on our homeland. Where 3,000 people died, saying, ‘Some people did something,’ big deal, pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits right here in Minnesota. Omar laughed that Americans speak of Al-Qaeda. You remember that tape? Speak of Al-Qaeda. But when we say something about the United States, you just don’t say America with any intensity. Remember that?  Representative Omar has a history of launching virulent anti-Semitic screeds, whether you like it or not. She’s said the US support for Israel is ‘all about the Benjamins’. She said that pro-Israel lawmakers have an allegiance to a foreign country. Omar wrote that Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Israel and the United States. . . . She is a disgrace to our country. . . .”  [Crowd cheers]  

(Donald Trump Minnesota Rally Speech Transcript: Minneapolis, MN Rally Oct. 10, 2019.)  

President Trump also discussed the reports that Congresswoman Omar committed serious immigration fraud. 

It is gratifying to have a president who stands up and denounces Congresswoman Ilhan’s horrendous record of promoting hatred against Jews, Israel, and America. And thank you, President Trump, for inveighing against how Omar urged compassion for ISIS terrorists, how Omar belittled Americans who fear Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and Omar’s cavalier, dismissive attitude towards the Americans murdered by Al Qaeda on 9-11.  Importantly, President Trump also previously condemned and demanded that action be taken against Ilhan Omar for her hateful anti-Semitic statements. (See ZOA Applauds Pres. Trump’s Call For Rep. Omar To Resign Over Anti-Semitic Tweets,” Feb. 15, 2019.)

ZOA has been documenting Ilhan Omar’ anti-Semitic, anti-American record.  ZOA and our wonderful activists have repeatedly urged the Congressional Democratic leadership to remove Omar from her powerful position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. ZOA President Morton Klein also demanded Omar’s removal from her committees when he testified before Congress in April. It’s long past time for this to be done.  

For more details on Ilhan Omar’s hateful record, see: