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Cal State: Don’t Allow anti-Israel Liars to Have the Last Word

O n January 29th, I and other activists for Jewish students addressed the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees, to urge that the conduct of David Klein, a math professor at CSU Northridge (CSUN), be investigated.  Klein has been using the CSUN website to promote the boycott of Israel and to demonize Israel with […]

Jerusalem’s Neglected Tour Destination

Every diplomat who visits Israel is inevitably brought to Yad Vashem, the dramatic and appropriate emotional high point of every trip to Israel.  Something is missing, though, in the lack of understanding of so many well-meaning foreigners who come to Israel.  After seeing the usual sights, they inevitably repeat the same tired diplomatic formula and […]

Zionists of America Arise

When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu publicly called out President Obama in a terse and direct statement last Friday, he did so only out of a deep sense of desperation and betrayal. The Prime Minister criticized the proposed deal between Iran and Western powers over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. “This is a bad deal – a very, […]

Senate Must Act on New Sanctions to Keep Pressure on Iran

It was revealed recently that the Senate Banking Committee, in an appalling act of appeasement at the request of the Administration, is delaying consideration of new sanctions on Iran that were passed in July.  The delay appears to be  a result of the phone call between President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and the […]

OP-ED BY: Mort Klein and Sue Tuchman U.S. Government Doesn’t Enforce Law Protecting Jewish Students

With the start of a new school year, there’s reason to be concerned:  Anti-Semitism is a serious problem on some college campuses, causing Jewish students to feel threatened and even fear for their safety.  Yet the U.S. government is not enforcing the law to protect them.  Legal protection exists, at least in theory.  After a […]

A New Narrative on Israel

The debate over Israel has been poisoned and riddled with falsehoods. Those who despise Israel wield lies as their weapons of choice. They accuse Israel of war crimes, apartheid and racism. They refuse to acknowledge the historical relationship between the Jews and Israel. However, some who claim to support Israel also refuse to tell the […]

The Source of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is practically as old as Jewish history. Over thousands of years, our ancestors suffered blood libels, inquisitions, expulsions, and pogroms, all leading up to the Holocaust, the ultimate tragedy in our history of persecution. And still today, the Jewish people continue to suffer from terror attacks around the world, vicious threats of annihilation by […]

ZOA: Key Participant in a Roundtable Hosted by House Republicans

On June 27, ZOA was a key participant in a roundtable discussion hosted by the House Republican Conference featuring Dani Dayan, Chief Foreign Envoy and former Chairman of the YESHA Council, the umbrella organization representing the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria. Participants included Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Ed Royce (R-CA), former Chair […]

“…A National President Who Really is a Presence When He Visits DC”

In addition to our official comments about the event last week with Republican Congressmen and Dani Dayan in DC (see Josh London’s blog adjacent to this), we wanted to add a personal observation.  We have both seen Mort speak many times in both large and small groups, and as all of you know, he is […]

Pet Shop Boys To Rock Out In Tel Aviv Despite BDS Protests

The BDS movement has gained considerable status in recent years, having succeeded in enlisting various celebrity figures to take a stand against the Jewish State. While a slew of notable Hollywood names, including; Stephen Hawking, Meg Ryan, Dustin Hoffman, and Julianne Moore, have all succumbed to the whirlwind of baseless hatred aimed at Israel, by […]