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CANCELLED: State Department: U.S. is Still Committed to Opening Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

Previous Reports Suggested the Americans Had Backtracked on Plan, Hopes Now Dashed By Y Rabinovitz (MAY 31, 2022 / ARUTZ SHEVA) Following reports that American plans to open a consulate to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem had been shelved, for which former Bennett aide Shimrit Meir took the credit, senior American officials in the U.S. […]

ZOA: Biden Admin. Telling Israel What Jerusalem Parade Route to Take to Appease Arab Threats is Unconscionable – Will Bring More Threats

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: Israel is having a parade to celebrate the anniversary of Jerusalem’s miraculous reunification, with music, and children and families walking through the streets of Jerusalem waving Israeli flags. Some Arabs are threatening violence if Israel proceeds. The Biden Administration has interfered […]

ZOA: Seriously Flawed “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” Excludes Major Forms of Domestic Terrorism (Including Foreign-Terrorist-Group-Inspired Domestic Terrorism); Must Be Amended

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Director of Research and Special Projects Elizabeth Berney, Esq. released the following statement: In the wake of the terrible Buffalo shooting by a deranged teenage anti-Black racist, antisemitic white supremacist, there is now a rush to try to pass the seriously flawed proposed […]

ZOA Sends Condolences to Deceased Victims’ Families, and Wishes Full Recovery to Wounded Victims of Buffalo Supermarket Shooting by Racist Antisemitic White Supremacist

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: The ZOA sends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the ten innocent deceased victims of the Buffalo Tops supermarket shooting – Roberta A. Drury, 32; Celestine Chaney, 65; Margus D. Morrison, 52; Andre Mackneil, 53; Katherine Massey, 72; Heyward Patterson, […]

ZOA Opposes Bennett’s/Bar-Lev’s Dangerous Appeasement of Arabs: Allowing 50 More Waqf “Police” on Temple Mount Endangers Jews

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: The ZOA is appalled that Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev (Labor) are dangerously humiliating the Jewish people by appeasing and submitting to the traitorous Islamist Ra’am party’s and Jordan’s demands to allow 50 more Islamic Waqf […]

ZOA JNS Article: Far-left Rabbis’ Defamatory War Against Pro-Israel Jewish Charities

T’ruah is making common cause with the anti-Israel “Squad”’s efforts to persuade the IRS to remove the tax-exemption status from these charities. By Morton A. Klein and Elizabeth A. Berney, Esq. (MAY 3, 2022 / JNS) Israel has been suffering rising terror attacks from its enemies on multiple fronts these past few weeks. Palestinian Arab […]

JNS’ Tobin: Biden’s ‘Equity’ Agenda Hurts Israel and American Jews

By Jonathan S. Tobin (APRIL 29, 2022 / JNS) It was one of the first things President Joe Biden did once he assumed office in January 2021. Though it has gotten almost no notice, it is almost certainly one of the most consequential acts of his presidency, and its impact will likely be felt long […]

ZOA Quoted in The Daily Caller – “Congress Confirms Biden Pick With History Of Trump-Nazi Comparisons For Antisemitism Envoy”

By Samuel Nathan (MARCH 31, 2022 / DAILY CALLER) The Senate confirmed President Joe Biden’s pick for Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, Deborah Lipstadt, who has been criticized for comparing Trump’s presidency to Nazi Germany. Lipstadt — who worked as an educator at Emory University and as a historian of Jewish history and the Holocaust — was […]

ZOA: Amnesty Int’l Director Confirms AI’s Racist, Jew-Hating Goal is to Destroy the Jewish State

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: During a speech last week to the Women’s National Democratic Club, the U.S. Director of Amnesty International (AI), Paul O’Brien, confirmed that AI’s goal is not human rights but to destroy the Jewish State. When questioned about Israel’s right to exist, […]

After ZOA’s Klein’s Request in Private Discussion with Turkish Ambassador: Turkey Agrees to Return Ancient Hebrew Inscription to Jerusalem

By Shalom Yerushalmi and TOI Staff (MARCH 11, 2022 / TIMES OF ISRAEL) Turkey has agreed to return to Israel an ancient inscription from Jerusalem, currently housed in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, an Israeli official told Zman Yisrael, The Times of Israel’s Hebrew sister site. It is considered one of the most important ancient Hebrew […]